NeatDesk Desktop Scanner



I got the portable version of this from woot a few years back. I still use & love it, but I don’t really know how this one compares. I’m sure some expert can fill you in on the details.


Anyone care to share how this will help you with your 2012 taxes?


If you have all of your receipts you could scan them in and it will (should) automatically get the tax information off of them, which you can use for deductions.


This is one of Oprah’s “favorite things”


I’ll stick with my multi function, duplex scanning, 11 x 17 flatbed, Brother j6910DW (which cost the same) thank you!


fewer words due to time and tendency to screw up when tired: previous woot also $249.99 (sold many times):

The reason you might buy this is because of the proprietary software, with its pluses and minuses (but can create pdf’s of documents/receipts) including creating your virtual filing cabinets within the software’s limitations, including tax-related categories. Bye.


Can anyone tell me about it being refurbished and not new? What does refurbished usually mean on Woot items?



Never mind. I should of taken the time to read the comment above mine where it explains refurbished.


The OCR is OK, but you still have to check over all the receipts and often manually adjust the totals etc.


As soon as you start talking about a fast, easy desktop scanner to scan lots of your papers, receipts, etc., everyone seems to start talking about the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500.

I don’t have one, but I have several friends who are converts and rave about their ScanSnap S1500. They have successfully reduced their total household paper to one drawer in a file cabinet. (Needless to say, I’m jealous - I just looked around my home office and I have 21 full file cabinet drawers.)

I would be interested to hear from someone who has used this and/or the ScanSnap S1500, which is significantly more expen$ive ($414 at the mother ship)


Hmmmm, let’s weigh the options because this woot is pretty Neat… bwahahahaha.

From the interwebs:
Neatdesk - ~$380 - same one as being sold, large clunky and some reviews indicate that receipts still need to be fed one at a time… my guess is that this becomes more true the more time the receipt has spent in your pocket.

Neatreceipts (Neatmagicwand) - ~$180 - Portable version that seems to do the same thing. Looks like a magic wand. Papers must be fed one at a time.

Neatmobile - ~$150/yr or month by month smartphone app that does the same thing using the camera’s phone and uploads it to the cloud.

My money is on Neatmobile or Neatmagicwand being a better deal. Also, let’s face it - this is on Woot because no one is buying it from Neat. Put this Woot in the same closet as the tractor trailer full of Leak Frogs please… (poor Woot… so abused).


Actually you can throw it at members of congress who won’t vote / compromise on a budget. Plastic receipt scanners raining down from above would make anyone do what they are paid to do.

(Would have been funnier two days ago.)


Can I plug this into an Apple Airport Express and wireless scan documents to my computer?


Absolutely worthless. An overpriced scanner. I have this one, paid a lot more for it and had high hopes. It’s in a box in the basement. It wouldn’t sort information on even the most basic of receipts. My HP printer is a better scanner and was a lot less money. Don’t waste your time.


Wow! Will export to Quicken! (Then from Quicken to Turbo Tax!) This will help with that box of stuff on my desk that is supposed to be my tax information! I can’t wait! And this years resolution is to be and stay more organized. I just can’t wait to get it!


Sorry one of my few comments will be a downer, but I’ve so appreciated other Wooters’ comments - good and bad.

I bought this a couple of years ago from (not from Woot). I returned it quickly. The software was the problem for me. I didn’t want it to try to classify my freshly-scanned document into a recipe or a receipt, but it sure wanted to.

I do have the ScanSnap S1300. It’s small and very efficient. It will scan both sides of a document in one pass and will accommodate several pages in the feeder.

The software for the NeatDesk Scanner may be just right for many, just didn’t work at all for me.


In my war on paper clutter, I have purchased all scanners mentioned above, including this one, the Neat mobile scanner, a Epson flatbed scanner, and the ScanSnap S1500. Here’s a comparison, a “strategy guide” if you will.

In my opinion, all are great, and I actually use them all. Just depends on what I want to do.

ScanSnap is best for general documents, especially if you make them OCR-read PDFs (this lets you search documents for specific words, etc). It will auto-feed a whole stack of documents, and ask for more. It does scan both sides at once (duplex scan). Not good for photos or thick documents.

Neat Mobile works nice, especially for its portability. Runs off of USB power. But its slow to pull documents through, and you have to hand-feed each sheet. It uses the Neat software to store, manage, and search for your documents. Some like it, others don’t. But you can always just scan to vanilla PDF files.

Neat Desktop (this item) is a hybrid of the previous two. It is good for general documents, and it will auto-feed like the ScanSnap. Still uses the Neat software, like or hate it. Does duplex (both sides) scan. Not as fast or good as the ScanSnap, but it is cheaper.

Flatbed scanner: good for high-quality scanning for photos, larger documents, or thick documents. But its super slow.

Hope that helps you select what is best for you. Again, I use them all, each for their strengths. “Right tool for the right job”. Overkill? Sure. But works for me.


My partner is an organizing fiend and loves his NeatDesk, which he’s had for several years now.

Let’s face it, scanners are cheap commodities nowadays, so what makes NeatDesk worth the big price tag?

Answer: the intelligent software that comes with the scanner. It attempts to detect the type of information being scanned and then takes appropriate action. You end up with a useful collection of information instead of zillions of scanned images.


Has anybody used the “NeatReceipts Mobile Scanning” Sold for $180 at Costco? Any comparisons? WHich would be better not considering mobility?