Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum

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Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum
Price: $174.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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It’s more Nintendo NES.

$180 cat toy/cat terrorist

Where is the seat for the cat to sit?

It’s the purple thing.

The Neato’s are back!!! THESE are the robot vacuums to get. Love my Neatos!

This thing is STUPID. Gets lost in my house and can’t find its way back to the docking station. Easily get stuck on carpets and under furniture. Save your money!

I bought this in October. Works great. I have the schedule set to vacuum M, W, & F. Does a thorough job. If the battery gets low before it finishes, it goes back to the charger for a couple of hours and then goes back to complete the job.

Side note: Now Woot offers Free Shipping with Amazon Prime. Now the Botvac is $5 higher priced. Hmmmmm…

I’ve bought a couple of these here. Neither are working any longer. The LIDAR fails making the units inoperable.

Re Side Note: The last one we ran for $5 less was a Scratch-n-Dent. This one is not S&D. :slight_smile:

Have you tried turning them with a Q tip? Don’t poke it in the holes but just try turning them a bit. Lidar failures are rare but there is a belt inside that could break. Usually though they just need a nudge. How do you know it is the Lidar… have you checked to see whether it is spinning?

The D80 is still on Woot for $259. It is an improved model.

JUNK…mine worked till the battery discharged 100%. Never worked again, hrs on phone with support, replaced batteries 2 more times, nothing…

I have a different model Neato and love it. I have three different robot vacuums (Roomba, Neato, and BobSweep) and the Neato is the most efficient in cleaning and Navigation, but the loudest. My LIDAR failed too, however you don’t need to swap the entire LIDAR to repair. Just replace the $4 DC motor inside the LIDAR. There’s websites and YouTube videos online on how to do so and where to buy the motor. Works like a champ afterwards.

Is this a discontinued version of the pet vacuum d80 being sold by Neato today? Likes similar minus a few of the new addons (namely, wifi access).

I had to run mine the first few times while I was home so I could see where it had trouble. Occasionally, it would get high centered trying to roll over the frame of an Ikea chair, and there was a particularly tight corner it sometimes had trouble getting out of. I used the boundary markers to just tell it hey, don’t go there, and it hasn’t had any trouble since. It has run MWF for over a year now without me having to touch it outside of emptying the dirt bin and changing filters, and the occasional edge sensor cleaning.

Sure, it takes a bit of effort to get it just right, but the amount of effort it saves me from having to vacuum makes me regard it as some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Buy the square trade if you get one of these because the controls relaibly fail. it works for a few months, but then the lidar fails and it gets lost and can’t function any more. Also the charge sequence went out on mine so you had to reboot it plugged into the USB and power connection in order to get it to charge. Nice idea, but not functional.

I loved my Neato - so much quieter than the Roomba and worked as well - when it worked. After returning the 3rd one for various reasons I gave up and am sticking with Roomba. :frowning:
Reasons: wouldn’t hold a charge, bin was warped and wouldn’t close properly, wouldn’t charge at all. I’m not a robot vacuum novice - I’ve had many Roombas over the years.

You need an engineering degree to own Neato products – they’re absolute garbage. I have a Woot-bought XV-21. Sent in 2x for warranty replacement. It’s now out of warranty and I need to replace this one, under-spec, surface mounted diode every few months or the stupid thing forgets how to recharge itself. I’m keeping it alive out of spite at this point.

Next robo vac will be Roomba brand.