Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum

Hey…so I’ll chime in:) I’m a huge Neato fan but not a fan of their prices:) We have one already and I wanted another for upstairs. This was a great price. I ordered this from woot the other day and have used it everyday since. So far so good! just a few minor scratches on it but nothing noticeable. I did have one slight problem where the “brush was stuck” and realized that I needed to put a little bit of oil on one of the ends…fixed it right up! I bought the extended warranty too…just in case;) Thanks Woot for making this soooooo cheap for us cheap folks!!!

Any chance you actually bought the D80 for a little bit more last week? It is a newer model and is significantly improved over this one. This one had a metal bearing issue that has been fixed with a retrofit plastic bearing that leaves a cleaning gap.

Can you not get insurance added to the purchases anymore? I had it added several years ago to my XV-21s I’d bight off Woot. I’d love to get another refurbished unit but not without the insurance. Saved me twice when the units broke down just under 2 years later.

I’m not staff, but I do see an extended warranty is available – on my desktop. Apparently SquareTrade uses Flash, so it doesn’t always show up on mobile devices.

After almost 30 years of marriage I no longer buy Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts for my wife that have a plug. However, because we now have a dog that sheds year round I took a chance at Christmas and got this robovac. 1. She loves it! 2. It works great! 3. At under $200 for this quality you have to quit “thinking “ about it and buy one!

Same one as sold out below but $20.00 more now?

The other one was an open box.