Neato Botvac 80 (Scratch & Dent)

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Neato Botvac 80 (Scratch & Dent)
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 28 to Tuesday, Aug 29) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Buyer Beware !!! It was this very device that makes me hesitant to buy anything from Woot… years back I bought this for a Christamas gift at the beginning of November… On Christmas day the person opened it and it was DEAD on ARRival… Would not take a charge would not light up … DEAD… I called woot and told them I needed money back or exchange and they said being that it was beyond the 30 days I was crap out luck !! Well I explained that even though it was bought in November it had not been opened until 12-25 because it was purchased as a gift… They did not care and I was out of 200 bucks… If you do feel compelled to buy this piece of crap, read the reviews on how many are dead on arrival AND give it a complete testing within the 30 day return period…

Thanks for your comment. I was going to purchase one but your experience changed my mind.

You can count on Woot offering these “refurbished”, DOA, future doorstops, about every 2 mos. Most unreliable appliance on the market and the cleaning is only fair.

Soooo… I bought a different model on Woot last year - an xv-21. They are odd machines. It was giving me lots of errors. It seemed to have a poor work ethic. I thought about returning it, but they offered a discount if I kept it. I did some research into typical issues. I wound up working on mine a bit (new bearing for the lidar assembly) and some higher capacity batteries. It didn’t immediately improve all of the problems, but eventually it started behaving. I am not sure it they will all “break in” and work better, but that’s what has happened with mine. It’s quirky, sometimes it just decides to get stuck in a corner. I also pushed my dog’s bowls around. I do appreciate it, it keeps my floors cleaner, we vacuum much less often.

Got the XV-21 a while back from Woot. It works, but does have issues.

  1. Parts are to find. Right now, our vac. is out of commission due to lack of treads: tires wear out fast. It’s completely lost its traction on carpet. Parts are near impossible to find (RobotShop is never in stock). I’ve had to resort to 3D printing, which resulted a learning curve.

  2. Sensor issues. We often ran into an issue where it would just stop with something blocking it’s path…but nothing was. I’ve had to turn it off / on again to reset itself multiple times.

  3. Fan not spinning up. It’s happened more than once. There doesn’t seem to be any way, other than taking it apart, to really clean out the internal gears. When the fan stops, the vac will stop. A strong tap on the top generally will allow it to spin back up again.

All in all? You get what you pay for: sub-$200 vac (market is at 500+). It was a good trial run and allowed us to see the value in this. We have 2 dogs, and it did great job keeping the carpets clear.

However, with that said, Fiencé and I agree: we’re going Roomba for our next vacuum.

Woot’s no different on refurbished than most other on-line stores. Always check a refurbished item out for operation immediately after receiving, no matter from who.

I’ve owned about half a dozen different robot vacs. Two of those were Neato brand. Those two did the best of all of them. Markedly better than Roomba. I don’t need one now, but if I do I’ll be getting another Neato. All of them seem to burn out in 2 to 3 years when used 2 or more times a week.

I recently retired a pair of 500 series Roomba. They lasted about 8 years and were run nearly every day. Now running an 800 series and that is one sweet machine, leaps ahead of the 500.

I bought a Neato a while back as well. That turned into 4 Neatos in 12 months because they kept becoming inop, same stories you read here, and one was DOA - it took me a solid month to get neato to understand DOA.

Just set your money on fire, at least that way you get to enjoy a colorful flame for a few seconds.

And as far is strict “policies” on items bought - refurb or not - when any retailer treats me the way Woot treated this person, that’s the day they’ve seen their last dollar ever from this household, and I diss them for the next 20 years. That’s BS, it’s nothing less than stealing. When you buy anything from anyone, it’s supposed to work, and sitting in it’s box for 45 days or whatever does not change that. This story has me thinking it’s time to never buy anything again from Woot.

That’s the strangest looking Super Nintendo I’ve ever seen.

I guess everyone has different experiences with these. Mine was wonderful. I used to own a Roomba many many moons ago and it was OK. The randomness (not sure if they still mve randomly) was annoying so when a Neato XV21 came up on woot a few years ago I tried it out. I would never buy any of these robotic vacuums at full retail. It has run 5 days a week for at least 3 years and the only problem was the battery which I replaced last year. I love it so much that I just bought a Neato Botvac connected and a broken Botvac 80 (this model) off ebay as I am confident I can fix it. I wish this came up for sale a couple weeks ago as i would have bought it.

I would have to agree with the other poster. If you’re giving anything as a gift that won’t be presented before the warranty ends you should always test it especially refurbs with their stated limited warranty. It’s just a risk you take I guess. My Neatos have worked more or less flawlessly and clean much better than the Roomba I have before that.

How well will it suck up all the muck from our flooded houses on the Texas coast?

My 4 XV21 refurbs have been running around my 2-story house for going on 4 years. One view screen went out but the robot still works. One unit had a battery replacement. But other than minor fixes that I consider maintenance, they have been flawless. I ordered a Botvac 80 only because they are quieter, faster and have a side brush which is nice on hard floors.

Wait, you purchased a “used/refurbished” item for a Christmas gift? Hope you don’t draw my name at the office gift exchange LOL…

You get 45 days to dispute charges with your credit card company even if the said item is new or breaks some kind of federal law (cough cough) that you later find out about. Just saying, buying from WOOT is always a ‘crap’ shoot. Some people are lucky, others are not. Return policy COULD stand some adjustments I agree but there is the lesson, don’t buy used crap and give it as a gift without checking it out first. But hey, even GOOGLE sometimes offers buyer protection (psst, so does ebay)

I just bought this and I’m so glad that I did! This bot is kinda funny, I call him Stink Bot, as he learns the edges of the room and I always find myself talking to him, like “get outta the closet, you already cleaned that” or “give up on the coat rack, you already learned that!” When he figures out the edges of the room, he does a quick efficient job of cleaning. He cleans my entire 2 bedroom apartment and goes back to his charger. My living room is a hardwood laminate. The bath and the kitchen are linoleum and the bedrooms are carpet. Stink Bot does surprisingly well on all three surfaces and has not gotten stuck anywhere at all yet. He does seem to have rocks in his head when it comes to getting around the coat rack but my advise is he is ready for prime time, buy one and see.