Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Does anyone know if the laser smart system is able to prevent the vac from getting trapped under furniture? My frustration with vacs from other makers is that they will get under furniture where the bottom starts out high enough to let the bot in but slopes until the bot is jammed under it.

We own 3 Neato’s. They are not perfect in the situation you describe but for the most part once one gets stuck at the small part of the slope, the laser will help it find its way out. But rarely I do have to save one from that type of situation and it can be hard to pull out because the wheels don’t turn freely and they are spring loaded to handle bumps and other jams. Overall they are great though. Expect to replace the battery once per year. And they don’t last forever. They have 4 or 5 motors depending on model, and sensors to make sure everything is working right so if a motor or sensor malfunctions, you have a problem. But ours have held up well.

You can use the magnetic stripes to block the sweeper from going there. Those strips can be cut to size and they are available on Amazon or the neato site.