Neato Botvac D80 (Scratch & Dent)

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Neato Botvac D80 (Scratch & Dent)
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought a different version of this on a previous Woot.

The good: it maps my house nicely - it hits all six rooms it has access to well. It seems to clean well enough (wood floors, nothing to challenging).

The bad: when it backs up it does so with some force and there’s no bump detector. It will shove things around and those charging contacts wreak havoc on my white baseboards if it ever finds even a pseudo-corner. Second, about a month or so in, I’ve noticed it often will get back to within 2ft of the charge base only to stop. Either they’re cutting the battery life too close, or it’s just not aware enough of it’s own location.

The average: it often gets caught up on a sock if I don’t clean up well.

A similar model, now sold out, was roughly $82 cheaper on Groupon and was certified refurbished from Neato. Wait for a better deal since they are clearly out there. I am tending to agree with so many others that woot! is no longer the place to go for great deals.

Also, there is nearly no difference between the 80 and D80. Check the link below for a comparison. Save your money and get the older version.

1998: we spend hours cleaning up the house before the maid arrives.

2018: we spend hours before we leave for work cleaning up socks and cat toys so that our robot maid won’t choke when she clocks in for duty.

I have a D80 neato vac that I bought 3 months ago. I agree with this assessment.

I have two cats and it handles the cat fur and cat litter fairly well. Yesterday I found it sort of lost after trying to negotiate around a rather small piece of furniture. Every day when I got it was a learning experience trying to figure out what would challenge it. Overall, I thought it was a good deal.

At first glance I thought it was a bathroom scale.

Different version, but check out this review.

Scratch and dent does not bode well for the furniture in your house…(just sayin’)…

That’s the older Botvac 80. This is the newer model D80. Our product also comes refurbished directly from Neato. Thanks!

Can i get mine w/out law #3? I’m allergic to cats ayways

We have one, it works well when it’s working, BUT that’s not often the case. It randomly gives errors while sitting in the charger or won’t charge at all. I wouldn’t get another

Since its factory reconditioned… warranty?

I have an earlier Botvac 80 and I love the thing! The D80 can only be improved over the 80. I have a did and two cats, and this thing does a great job of keeping the fuzz in control on the hardwood floors. It’s really impressive in the bedroom carpet as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a newer model at this price.

My mom has an XV-21 that she’s used for about 4 years, now. It is a workhorse, has only needed new batteries once. I think she’d disown a child before she’d get rid of that vac.

I have wanted to try one of these but everything I’ve read is that it requires a large radius around the charging station (3 ft each side and 3 ft in front) to work properly. I haven’t got a single place in the house where that is true. Does anyone else have that sort of issue?

We have 3 Neatos. We put the soft portion of heavy duty white velcro on the front bumper and some of the back of our Neatos to protect woodwork. Be sure not to cover any sensors. You cannot put it too close to the contacts because otherwise it won’t be able to charge itself. I would disconnect power for 10 minutes (battery and away from charger) to see whether a reboot will fix the charging issue. I would also try the new battery technique. Instructions are posted at Neato’s web site. That might fix your problem too.

I am pretty sure this model is better. The 80 you linked to had a poor fix to a metal bearing issue that model had leaving a one inch area not vacuumed. This model, D80, assuming the photos are correct, is a later better designed model where the metal bearing was properly eliminated.

3 feet on both sides is optimum. It will work with much less. Occasionally it will be more likely to mess up docking. We have 3 Neato’s and often put their docks in tight places. Usually it docks just fine.

It’s pretty sad situation when you can’t even tell what the product is when looking at the headline. Never heard of Neato. No idea what Botvac D80 is. Photo not helpful. Listing fail.

Interesting. I had not seen that issue.