Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System



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Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Not a bad deal.


Woot is getting back to their roots, I like it.


I assume this product sucks, and that is a good thing.

Heh… heh…

Ah, vacuum jokes. Will this clean up the tomatoes thrown at me for that one?


ANOTHER vacuum? Is the plan to try to persuade people to have one for each day of the week?


This is great for picking up the fur that my dog sheds. It does a pretty thorough job except for the edges closest to the wall. It’s loud, but I try not to be at home when it runs. I have rarely had to rescue it from being stuck, but if I leave a door partly open it has pushed the door closed. I’ve learned to make sure doors are either completely closed or open when I run the Neato.


Works for us. :tongue:


Worth every penny! Gets under the beds and is definitely more motivated than me…


I just ordered one yesterday from Costco for $299.99 model# XV-14 Shipping & Handling included plus tax. I paid with my AmEx card which doubles the warranty on this kind of goods and returns to costco are easy and painless if the product fails to deliver. Woot charges $5 for shipping and also charges tax. I do not see any reason to buy this thing from woot.


maybe it’s because it’s 300 bucks at cosco!


Yo Ho Ho and Neato on the run!

After careful consideration, the folks at HQ have decided to lower the price to $279.99.

As usual, if you already bought this item, you will automatically be refunded the difference. You’ll get an email from CS with the information at the first of the week.

Now, you know my motto when this happens…

Go buy 3!


Speaking as a current Neato XV customer, I have to say that this was 100 percent worth the money. I have hardwood throughout my home and this guys keeps the floors dust and pet hair (3 dogs) free. I cannot believe how much it collects after each and every every use.

Also, there is a newer model that has some better filter and pickup abilities…good news is that you can just buy the filter and brush replacement parts and they will fit on the older modeles…very sexy move by the Neato guys to not screw their customers over like Apple is doing with their new connectors.

My tips for those who take the plunge are to; be sure to update the software when you get it (there is a usb port on the Neato, and be aware of the little bits it might run over and clog the brush. I have 2 daughters and this thing loooves to eat their hair bands and socks. It will cry for help when this happens, so just pull them out and set it free to pick up where it left off again. Easy.

Also, do your reasearch and you will find that this thing makes the roomba tech look dumb by comparison (room mapping versus random patterns).


Anyone know if this things works on a shag rug? My poor roomba will not vacuum shag carpet.


So is this better than a roomba? The comments seem to suggest it. Or is there something better. I have hardwood floors, lots of pet hair and two rugs. One normal fiber, the other is a thick sisal rug.


I picked up one of these on a previous Woot and I’m in love with it. It was hard to sell the fiance on the idea, but once she saw it in action (and the amount of vacuuming she wouldn’t have to nag me to do) she loved it. We’ve got a house with a German Shepherd and a Pug so I schedule it to run every day. Dust bin stays full, carpet and tile floor stay clean.

Do be prepared to pick up the area it’s going to vacuum of dog toys and other assorted large debris so the little guy doesn’t get stuck. I’d rather spend a minute or two picking up toys and letting something vacuum for me than having to vacuum up two dogs worth of hair every day.

Oh, and also, it’s easy to clean (both daily and when it needs a heavy-duty wipe-down).


I’m concerned that this one isn’t round…Is it compatible with my cat, or do they only ride on the round ones?


I believe the cat may prefer the random pathing of the Roomba vs. the logical, straight lines the Neato makes.


This vacuum sucks, don’t buy it. No wait, that’s not right…


It’s $378 on Amazon for those wondering about the price.