Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System



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Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Bought one back in Feb. of this year.
I looove it.


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Somebody needs to buy this, then buy a Roomba, and turn them into Battle Bots.


I have to stop reading the ads too quickly. Thought it was an erotic vacuum at first. Almost bought three and made a new account to buy three more.


You really get into erotic vacuums.


Or vice versa…

What?? Too much??

Well, YOU started it…(walks off sulkily from being scolded.)


I finally got my monkey costume posted. I only get phone calls when I’m in the middle of doing something.


Who doesn’t?


We have 4 pets and a Neato (from previous Woot sale). I use the Neato on the main level of our home on a daily basis to deal with the pet hair, dust etc. It takes itself back to the base to recharge when needed and the only maintenance we need to do is empty its dust bin daily. Wish I’d had this years ago!!


That’s awesome! Thanks for playing!


Another stupid vac?? Again??? REALLY??


Yes! Isn’t great!?!?!


This sucks :frowning:

(The wife won’t let me buy one)


Got my Neato last year and love it! - Upgraded it with the pet brush from Amazon and now it’s exactly like the more expensive pet version.


230V compatible?


TERRIBLE! I’ll sell you one practically new for $200 if you want it! This thing is garbage compared to the roomba. I’ve reached out to support and they told me all they could do is replace it with the same model. I pulled out my old roomba(6yrs old bought on woot) and even at that age it’s better. MAJOR ISSUES WITH IT. 1 it doesn’t clean along walls leaves 3" dirt streak unlike roomba 2 it clogs I have dogs with short hair and my non-pet roomba deals with the short hair with no problem while this thing clogs well before full 3 it’s not nearly as thorough in the area it covers, the roomba is much more intelligent. As I said in the beginning of my post please contact me if you want my neato XV-12 for $200.


Oh sure, they laugh now. Just wait till I perfect the talking erotic vacuum and the 1-900 help line. Then I’ll be the one laughing. Right after I finish vacuuming.


Wait, won’t the erotic vacuum do the vacuuming while you watch and laugh?