Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System



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Neato Floor Robotic Vacuum System
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Love mine. It really does a very good job. It picks up a lot more small dust and dirt than I expected it would. It only misses the close edges of the room, but I can get out my handheld from time to time. It makes up for it by being small enough to go under my bed, though. I’d have to disassemble my bed to vacuum under it with anything else I have. So, score.

It has surprisingly great suction. Maps out a more planned route than Roomba’s random circles. I’d definitely buy again.


Did they ever sell that Over priced HP lapop? It sure was offered for a long time, with no purchases.


Nobody ever wants a roombaaaaa


It was sold, finally. There was only one.

There could be only one.


I bought one for my wife a couple of months ago, and once we laid down the barrier strips, it worked like a charm. “Rosie” would get under the couch and get lost because it was too dark–so she would beep and tell you to come get her, so we laid the barrier strip down around the couch, and she does just fine. She will find it difficult to get around under barstools and dining room chairs, but 97 times out of 100, she’ll get out on her own. Leave the 6’ in front of the charger, although she only needs about an 18" wide space to back up into to charge. She vacuums my 1800+ sq ft house 3x-4x a week, and it takes about an hour and a half, with a stop to charge in between. My house has a LOT of obstacles–tables, chairs, dog, planters, antiques–and she just rumbles on. I give a 8.5 out of 10 on design, just because she shouldn’t get lost under the couch (or in a dark room). Performance wise, it’s 10/10. Works better than the Dirt Devil vacuum on the 90-year-old hardwoods! Neato support is helpful, but they REALLY want you to send the device back to Woot if there is an issue, even though Woot clearly states that Neato is responsible. Keep that in mind if you call for support!


I like ours, works better than the dyson, picks up stuff that the dyson doesnt. We have a large house, and it takes two charges to complete, but the xv-11 does it all on its own. The dog doesnt care for the robot tho :slight_smile:


I’ve had several Roombas, my Neeto is better, it has more suction, that’s why its louder. It is louder. The best part is that I don’t have to clean it every time I use it, I have three cats, lots of hair, I used to have to take the Roomba apart to get all the hair out, the Neeto I just empty the bin and I put the filters in the dishwasher.


Not sure why you would say that. Bought my Roomba Scheduler from Woot 4/23/2007 and it works fine today. Other than the new battery I bought 2 years ago, it does a Max clean of 4 rooms twice a week, automatically. The dust bin is full every time (I have a cat) and I only have to break-out the big dog Dyson once every couple of months. Once it maps the room, it doesn’t “run around in circles” unless it senses a high-dirt area. I will admit it does have problems with random items such as shoes but it works around them.


Currently on Ebay for $229. Jus’ say’n.