Neato Robotics BV-80 Botvac 80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Neato Robotics BV-80 Botvac 80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jun 30 to Friday, Jul 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
6/13/2015 - $379.99 (Woot Plus)

I would so love to know if anybody has one of these and how they compare to the roomba??? Anybody??

Junk Never worked and NEATO just blew me off with excuses (calibrate, batteries need to charge) what for 2 months??? We all know woot. They told me to go to the Manufacturer. I wasted my money on this Manufactured and no one tried to make it right.

Can’t tell you how well it worked, as my Woot “factory refurb” was DOA and still had a dirty q-tip in the mechanism. Maybe I just got unlucky?

I would go to the mothership and check on the number of UPDATED comments from those who were initially thrilled. The situation may have improved…or not.

I have this exact one. I originally bought the 70 and upgraded the filter and brush. The 70 worked pretty well, but stopped charging after 2 weeks. It would occasionally get stuck. Called Neato, went through some try this, try that and they sent me a replacement and was the 80. The 80 is awesome! It has yet to get stuck, works around chairs and tables with no issues. Does a very good job between hardwoods and carpet. I’ve programmed it to run while I’m at work. The hardest part is remembering to empty the Bin.

Neato Customer Support was very good.

I can’t compare to the Roomba, but the BotVac is great. Not very loud (can still have a conversation) and to watch it work around the room still amazes me.

I had an early model, XV-11 I think. in 12 months I had 4 units, at that time Neato was doing exchanges for free under warranty (I think that has changed and they charge shipping). Unit 1 would not navigate, like pull up to a corner where it could go left or back the way it came, but it kept tapping the wall on the right and then said ‘clear my path’. Unit 2 navigated really well, but after 6 months the brush drive belt broke. guess what, it’s not replacable. No access, and even if you figured out access, that part is not sold. Unit 3 was DOA and had to play with it like 2 months before Neato would accept this fact. Unit 4 had navigation problems again and Neato simply refused to take it back. It also would not take a software update using the same cable and computer that updated a prior one, and I tried 3 cables all of which I knew were good. Be aware that any warranty exchanges will not get you a new one, but a refurb - one that they took back under warranty - and the DOA one is a demonstration of how much work and testing goes into the process. If you do get one of these you really want the square trade.

Keep in mind all the models are the exact same aside from the color, and the accessories.

They just add on “high performance” filters and the combo brush when you go up in model number, which cost ~$15 and $40 respectively if you buy them separate.

Those combined with the current price of the 70e on amazon puts the comparison buy at a little over $400, so after woot shipping you’re saving about $15 for this deal (though you will end up with more filters buying them all separate, if that is a benefit to you).

I have the XV-21 and have been mostly satisfied with it. The fan has gotten a bit weak over time, despite having cleaned the unit pretty regularly and even replaced the fan from a random chinese electronics website (which effectively changed nothing). When I first got it, the airflow was strong enough to blow paper and such off of low surfaces, now you can barely feel it at all. But it still cleans fairly effectively. I’ll probably buy the botvac eventually but can’t really justify spending on it right now.


Just wanted to point out that the “Rebate” offer is EXPIRED. If you check out the specifics, for 2015 you had to have purchased by the end of May.

Yeah, the only one still active is the accessories one. I’ll let the team know.

We do refer you to the warranty holder first. However, if they don’t honor the warranty, get back with our CS and let them know what you tried.

I bought a pet Neato (don’t remember the model) a couple years back. I had trouble with a couple of units.

Customer service was really excellent about sending replacements, generally overnight or 2nd day.

They also upgraded me to the deluxe model (again, don’t know the model #.) I finally got one that stuck. I’ve been using it for 2 or 3 years.

The batteries are growing weak. I may buy a replacement set soon.

Overall, I remain a happy customer. The vacuum is powerful.

These are quite possibly the worst cumulative reviews of a product i have ever read… sounds terrible.

I have had both for about 2 years now (an older, refurbished neato and the newest roomba). My verdict is the Roomba is good, whereas the neato is great!

Is this bundled with any games? That would be super.

The cat fur is deep
Energy level is low
Botvac please help me


Ours went defective within 90 days. Started freaking out with “I must check my surroundings” and “my bumper is stuck messages”.

Absolutely without a doubt beyond all questions the worst financial decision I have made in a decade. Woot didn’t stand behind the sale and Neato has been hideous to work with on our defective unit. We were required to do all the diagnostic work ourselves and pay for return shipping back to them so we can wait 2 weeks or more to get another unit that will potentially be defective as well. Refused refund several times. I really wanted this to work but buyer beware.

Save your money.