Neato Robotics BV-80 Botvac 80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Neato Robotics BV-80 Botvac 80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Price: $379.99
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Condition: New


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When I saw “NEW” my first thought was “soon to be refurbs.”

Interesting to see the revised former five star mothership rating by users who changed the rating after a few months of use.

I’ve had my new Botvac-80 for 5 months, use it once every 2 weeks and it’s already acting goofy going over the same SMALL area and never leaving it which runs down the battery quickly much less not cleaning as designed. Support was supposed to email me instructions to reset the software, never did. Been thru quite a few of the older models thanks to returns and now this. When it works, it’s OK. Over time it WILL mis-function, no matter the model.

Best Buy has it for $349.99 plus free shipping.

Since it appears you have a computer, do you know how to update it’s firmware using a USB cable and your PC? When I updated my XV21’s, that fixed the 3000 error one was throwing after replacing the battery. I reset the battery too after the firmware update so one of the two fixed my one and ONLY issue’s I’ve had with mine. Not sure about this model but my two have usb ports on the units to connect them to the PC. Simple, easy to follow instructions are on their website.

But funny thing though, mother ship has it for 350 and free shipping…

Wanna buy mine? I’m going to get a refund from CostCo where I bought it. They have an excellent return policy and when it comes to Neatos, you best insure you can get your money back. With tax it was $325. The one at Costco also came with extra HEPA filters and a new set of brushes. :wink:

The $40 rebate Woot points to on the sale page isn’t for the Botvac model. It’s for the older XV series. Don’t buy this thinking you’ll get $40 back from Neato…

It’s valid for this vacuum. Per the Terms & Conditions

Purchase a Neato XV-21, Signature Pro or Signature or a Botvac 80 from a participating retailer between 07/1/2015 and 12/31/2015

I got the Neato xv-21 Pet & Alergy refurbed scratch & dent for $159.99 on Woot (why can’t they just say $160) $178.60 with TTL. Had to send it back twice cause of issues but the Neato folks were great. They sent the replacements without me sending mine first with return labels to send old unit back. Each time they let you keep all accessories which makes up for the pain in the @$$. Third one’s been a charm. For $200 less this one doesn’t have usb port or do edges so I do those once a month with the old Bissel. “Juice” (named after SOA character) is a tank (in a good way). Takes off daily at programmed time. I have 4 cats (1 less than required to be a weird cat guy) and this thing fills it’s container with a tightly packed block of cat hair & dirt daily. Takes 3 seconds to dump bin. I cat had an accident & that was gross but easy to clean. Replaced roller with hardwood roller which works fine on carpet for cat hair. After 20 washings & a month in the sun & rain the tainted roller is aroma free & usable, but I just left the other one in cause it works fine. Putting the included blocking strips by kitty’s occasional accident spot prevents the rollover nightmare. I LOVE my Neato cause I would never be as diligent as this little bad boy!

I have the XV-21 and have to say that it is fantastic. I have had it for about 2-3 years and replaced the batteries a few months ago with no problem. It cleans well and is reasonably efficient.

There is no update for the Botvacs since their release, thanks anyway. Neato tech told me how to do a hard reset which is nothing more than turning it off via the switch for 5 minutes. Will see how that goes, probably tomorrow. I just wish they could make a product that FOR ONCE doesn’t get buggy. I like the Botvac but if it breaks down it’s useless.