Neato Robotics XV-S Signature Robotic Vacuum

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Neato Robotics XV-S Signature Robotic Vacuum
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Picked up one of these last time woot had them available. Worked great for around 3 months, cleaning up all kinds of dog hair and dust. Then suddenly the front bumper just stopped working and it would only clean part of one room before getting stuck. I have a return with the Neato company that has been pending for like a month+ now and rarely get any kind of update, so don’t expect a speedy return if yours has issues.It does run great if it works though…

Close to pulling the trigger but have questions:

Does this come with a rebate as shown at Neato and Walmart?

I assume the filter can be cleaned. What is the recommendation for replacing them?

Are boundary markers needed/included?

When do the batteries need to be replaced based on 3x weekly usage?

How is Neato customer service?

It would be nice to have a Neato rep available to answer questions.

I bought the cheaper model a while back ($165). Not sure what this one does that warrants such a high price, but…

Filter: ALL the dust gets lodged in the filter. Almost none settles in the dust bin. I bang the dust out as best I can in a garbage can, then use a hand-vac to clean the filter. I don’t know how often you should change them - I have been using the same Roomba filter for like 2 years (also cleaning with a hand-vac) and have no problems. Will probably do the same with the Neato.

Boundary: Yes, there is a strip of magnetic boundary included with your Neato. I think it’s about 6-7 ft. long. Amazon sells 13 ft. strips for about 25 bucks.

My overall opinion of the Neato is that it’s… so-so. It likes to explore the sides of the room, and doesn’t really traverse the middle of the floor as much as I’d like. Not sure I’d spend close to $300 on one.

The thing is amazing and is a time saver. We have 1 large 90lbs dog, 2 cats and a 4 year old running around and it seriously makes life easier. I have bad allergies and I can tell when the house hasn’t been vacuumed - we run it every day.

The good: It seriously picks a lot of stuff off of the floor. With 3 animals the dust bin is full every day with hair, dust and debris. I would think a daily run would reduce the amount of hair and other crap it sucks up but I’m continued to be amazed and the amount of junk on my floors daily. When it runs it covers the entire floor. It maps the perimeter first and then goes back and forth (think how you mow your lawn) until the whole room is clean. When it works, it’s great!

The bad. The thing is prone to breakage and depending on use, the batteries will go in about 6 months or so. We have a love hate relationship with the Neato: we now depend on it to keep our house clean with a daily vacuum while making life easier for us but know it’s only a matter of time before something breaks. I’m personally on my fourth Neato in about 2.5 years. I bought one from Woot which broke and Neato replaced for free no questions asked with a brand new one on two separate occasions and the other I bought a little more than 6 months ago because I was out of the 1 year manufactures warranty. Needless to say I bought the 3 year extended warranty from the store I purchased this one (Wal-mart) because I fully expect it to break at some point before then and would like to get it replaced.

In short, absolutely wonderful when they work but buy some sort of warranty as you’ll probably need it.

I have a Neato (cheaper version) and over all I am happy with it. They can get stuck. Also, I would recommend the Square Trade warranty. I am on my 3rd Neato, I had one that worked great for 3 years, and one that I had to send back several times. The positive is, they do pick up the dog hair very well. I have mostly solved the “stuck issue” by dividing my house in half to clean it. I run mine almost every day and the batteries last about a year, maybe a little longer. (probably, depends on the size of your house) I clean my filter every time, because my dog sheds and it gets pretty dirty. I have my wet dry vac in the garage setup and I just vacuum the filter with it. Works great. I have never replaced the filter because I keep it clean. Keep in mind, these are not maintenance free, but do a nice job of keeping your house tidy.

don’t waste your money on the neato vacuums. you can not replace parts yourself, even changing the battery pack is a pain in the backside. sent mine back 5 times and the final replacement had a part that corroded due to ‘water damage’ as in high humidity, not water poured on it or on the floor. technician told me on the phone they only run for 300 hours and then need refurbishing. would have been cheaper to get a reburbished one on line.
go for a Roomba, easy to clean, parts can be removed for cleaning or replacement and works even better.

These always seem like a good idea but the tech (or maybe build quality) is not quite there yet. I still eagerly await glowing reviews so I can dive in on a robovac.

Really? I bought a refurbished one a bit ago, and while I have only had to clear out a few hair clogs (2 shedding pets), it was a painless procedure to remove the brush get into the gear where the hair was clogging it.

But I have not had to look into the battery situation or anything yet. If they really only run for 300 hours before needing repair, then I am glad I got the extended 2 year warranty. I run it once a day and 300 hours is likely to run out within a year to 1.5 years!

We bought two when they were on sale here for about $150 each. We’ve had them for several months now and they have performed admirably. One will clean the entire first floor while we’re away at work. Just have to make sure the floor is clear. It does get stuck on socks, or between chair legs if you don’t pull them out from under the table. Just takes a little pre planning. Lately, the battery error message has been popping up on one, but clears with a requested reset. I may have to replace the battery pretty soon. We have a dog and 3 cats, so it can fill up the bin every day when we run it. Overall very pleased with them, but for $279 I doubt we would have bought one.

FYI: Rebate

This Neato XV qualifies for the $30 rebate

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After having owned 3 roombas… Neato is by far, superior in every way:

Neato > Roomba

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[QUOTE=woncoolone, post:7, topic:443856]
Close to pulling the trigger but have questions:

The filters cannot be cleaned but replacement filters can be purchased for what I consider to be a reasonable cost give. The other conveniences I am experiencing with this model. I had it stop working for a few days and when I got around to calling customer service, they were able to trouble shoot the problem and it’s been working okay ever since. Included in my purchase was a magnetic strip I put down across the one threshold where I have stairs and the machine has never gone past it. Additional stripping is available for purchase.

I love ours, but it’s not without it’s share of problems. First, it cleans REALLY well. Almost to the point where we don’t need to break out our big vac. However, it does “go full retard” sometimes and gets stuck. It will try to backup into the wall and sometimes leave nice scratches on furnature when this happens. Also, the battery life is… questionable. I don’t mean that it runs for 30 minutes and dies in the middle of the house, but the batteries go south after about 3-4 months of steady use. I’ve replaced our batteries twice so far.

All in all, with the amount of dirt, dust, and dog fur we accumulate in a week, it’s much better than our old Roomba for keeping things clean. So we like it.

Also, they’re a local California company.