Neato Robotics XV-S XV Signature Robotic Vacuum

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Neato Robotics XV-S XV Signature Robotic Vacuum
Price: $279.99
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7/3/2014 - $299.99 (Woot Plus)

Time to check out the product page and check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

Plenty of Reviews over at Amazon

I have this exact vacuum, love the heck out of it. I live in a two bedroom apartment with a 50 pound dog who sheds a lot. This vacuum (it’s name is Alfred,) does an admirable job of keeping the apartment relatively clean.

I JUST bought the XV Signature Pro Pet @ Amazon for $429 and now this comes up…but I live in Hawaii! Why won’t you guys ship more things out here? I have to send it to my friends house and then to here.

The deal would probably come out a few dollars cheaper in the end, when I’d get done paying shipping out here, so I guess I’ll keep the order for the XV Pro Pet.

From what I read though, this is the vacuum to get.

So, I want a Neato.

But Wallyworld is clearing out old xv-12s for 2 bills and the xv-21 refurbs have come up in the $160 range.

Is it worth the extra money for this one?

Anyone have this one as well as one of the earlier ones that can comment on the “50% more suction” claims?

Would order right now if there was an easy way to remotely start a cleaning. I have hacked my XV-11 with a Spark Core, but these later models do not have a internal serial port on the PCB…

I’m intrigued…please do tell!

I have the XV-11 as well. Love love love it. The only thing I don’t like is how frequently I have to clean out the little dirt bin, but how lazy do I sound now (yeesh, it’s vacuuming for me!)? I do have a lot of pets though (3 dogs/3 cats…heh), so take that for what it’s worth. I do find it’s a good clean, but not a great clean. It’ll be good for the day to day, but I will have to at least go through thoroughly with my Dyson after (sorry, I know there’s some Dyson hate here). BUT, that being said, does this model have 50% more suction that could eliminate that problem? Maybe? I cannot attest to that. Since the Neato does this nifty trick of NOT bashing into every wall and piece of furniture you own like the Roomba, it sometimes misses strips along the wall or a bit in the corner. This doesn’t bother me - I’d rather protect my possessions and be scuff-mark-less and come in with a quick handheld.

I’m equally curious. I’ve got some XV11 and 12s running around, and they all run fine.

Also in the past it seemed like Neato would release new vacuums where the majority of the change was the color/shell, so that also leaves me a bit “meh” on this pricey “upgrade”.

Watch out I bought the neato xv-12, lcd screen went out after 6 months. There are lot of forms out there about lcd problems.

I lost my Woot cherry to a Roomba back in '08 and had one or two replacements later. I finally switched over to an older Neato about two years ago. The result: massively better vacuuming, no afore-mentioned bashing into furniture and needing to repaint shoe moldings attributable to the Roomba. As for the dreaded “oh no! It doesn’t get close to the edge!” syndrome, I call shenanigans. The Neato gets damn close to the edge, does a nifty little maneuver to hit the corner and let’s face it Roomba owners - how many times did you have to buy a replacement side-sweep brush at a ridiculous cost?

And don’t even get me started on the Roomba batteries.

So I loved my Neato.

Note that is past tense. After 13 months it started to have a problem. It refused to recharge. I bought new batteries and that did not do the trick.

Folks I’m here to tell you the Neato customer service sucks harder than…well it just sucks.

After a month and a half of email exchange with Neato customer service, I had to track down an email address for a company executive to get an offer to repair the damn thing…for a $50+ fee. It was, after all, out of warranty.

Long story short - glad I purchased it from Costco and kept a receipt because after a year and a half I walked it back into Costco and handed them a $250 doorstop and walked out with a full refund.

I am going to rebuy one today.

The question now: spend $350 for the XV Signature at Costco and sleep at night or spend $317 here ($280 + $5 shipping + $32 extended warranty) and hope my prior experience was just a fluke.

Oh – and one last word on the Neato – what I’ve come to learn is that once it starts up, you NEVER want to hit the STOP button before the unit leaves the base. It seems someone in my household did this frequently because they were home and didn’t want it to run as scheduled. Seems innocent enough but from postings I’ve read this apparently creates the dreaded dim green/no response/won’t charge syndrome

I have been waiting for this for a while, but now that it is here, I am hesitating. A couple of questions:

  1. Lots of long term reliability issues in the forums, but these are mostly older comments. Anyone have experience? Is this something they have improved?
  2. will it do multiple rooms while keeping the base in one room? I basically want it to clean my entire upstairs.
  3. Any reason to buy this one over the older (and cheaper) models? I have only hardwood floors, no carpeting, so not hard to clean.


I can only address #2 for you. It is a champ when it comes to doing multiple rooms. It goes out, starts working and if in need of a recharging partway through, returns to the base. After it gets good and juiced up again, it remembers where it left off and continues from that point on. Repeats until finished.

Well, I bought the Neato XV-21 over at for 155 bucks. Best money spent IMO. And CJPOWERS… I have a dog and this thing is on a schedule 2 days a week, ZERO dog hair on my floors which are all hardwood and tile.

Chronicled here:,17323.0.html

Works OK in that I can remotely start a cleaning if the Neato is on its dock. Still want built-in support, as I need two more Neatos (three story townhome) and don’t want to have to void my warranty each time. (Not to mention I fried one motherboard in the process…)

Your CNET review is for the XV-Signature PRO. that is a different model than the one being offered here. The XV-S does not include a pet hair brush.

Costco is selling with 4 extra filters, can’t figure out whether it has those 4 filters or not.

What does the brush look like on these? I had a pet-specific one, and the brush was very much superior to the other that I had. We do not have pets, but with long hair around, the standard version eventually got bound up and would not run.

Nevermind. I just saw ggussy answered my question earlier. This will be a no-go for me.