Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System

too expensive :frowning:

$350 on Amazon.

I love my laminate wood flooring. I clean it with my $5 broom.

a Roomba-imposter at a Real-Roomba-price? No way.

A non-Roomba on Woot? Why you two-timing! …

If I didn’t have roomba, I would get it. So far, I am happy with my roomba

Dear Woot,

Please send me a Baghlah of Captains or I will tell Roomba you are cheating on them with another robot vacuum.

Some reviews and comparisons:

Seriously though, how does this relate to a roomba? It looks larger does it hold more, thus needing less emptying? That would be amazing, as I am a sloppy pig.

this is what roombas make fun of in high school

Neato vs Roomba… Vacuum wars, The winner is the one that sucks the most.

LMAO, Louisiana loves it. Lazy fucks.

Like the guy on Engadget says, there’s no way something this small and light could possibly have the same power as a traditional vacuum, so it’s a novelty, not a replacement for vacuuming.

Work still counts.

i shall buy one and lock it in the closet with my roomba. whoever comes out alive i will keep as my vacuum.

says YOU

can’t believe how little the bar moved :open_mouth:

I have had a roomba, It is true it does not replace, but it lets me go forever without actually busting out the dyson until holidays.

The major difference between this and a Roomba.

Roomba look cute. This robot looks like it wants to conquer the world. It looks evil. If HAL 9000 were a vacuum cleaner it would be a Neato.

That fact that this robot looks evil doesn’t mean it is a bad choice. Maybe you WANT to scare the kids.

Hmm, tell the kids to clean, or else the evil vacuum comes out. I like that, thanks for the idea.

Are you saying this would do a better job at scaring my dog and attacking my cat?

Ifso, In for 3

I bought one of these off Amazon 6 months back after doing some research against the Roombas. Here are some of my thoughts.

-Mine is named Karl
-It sounds like a small jet engine when it gets going, fairly loud but I use the schedule feature to let it run when I’m not home.
-Occasional it gets stuck and I have to come home and rescue it from cords or what ever else it has sucked up. It loves to suck up cat toys and socks.
-Always amazed how much dirt is in the bin after one run. It managed to suck up dirt even after running my Dyson.
-Very easy to program, and comes with a dock to recharge
-Great with pet hair. I have a yellow Lab and cat.

All in all, I’m very happy with Karl. He saves me a ton of time from vacuuming every day. To purchase this or a Roomba, I’d say it’s down to preference. I think the Neato’s do a better job on the edges of the walls since they go in straight lines (unlike the Roomba’s I’ve seen).