Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum

$20 price drop from the Previous Sale


Lots of good reviews (4.3 out of 4.0) over at Amazon

I only saw the thumbnail at first, and wondered why Woot! was selling a Sega Dreamcast.

wonder if the quick stark guide found in the specs is related to iron man?*270/spring-forward+March+13.jpg

Most likely so, but it’s fixed now. You goof.

These are the same as the last one sold. Only difference is the color of the unit. My first one failed after 7 days. Replacement unit failed after 10 days. 1st one had a wheel stuck. It also never lost the charging station. 2nd one appears to have a defective battery or main board, and it has lost the charging station a few times. It just reboots every 15 seconds. I’m hoping this is not a sign of the times. I love the vacuum when it works. The mapping laser really works.

FYI square trade warranty starts when you buy it. The first year overlaps the manufacture warranty. So it’s really -1 year. A bit misleading.

Oh and with the regular blade brush on a hard surface this thing is crazy loud, but the pet brush is great. Just remember to clean it as the hair raps around it just like every other vacuum cleaner brush.

As much as it pains me to say it, Costco has this for the same price:™-XV-14-Robotic-All-Floor-Vacuum.product.11761303.html

So, not such a great deal after all…

different model

I’d like to hear how this one works!! We bought the first one they came out with and went through two of them and it sucked!!! Anybody get or have comments about these brand name cheap rip-offs that are popping out everywhere?

I got one from Woot last year and it is still going strong and doing a good job. My gf was so impressed, I got one for her too.

The only issue it has is that it doesn’t deal well with the kids leaving their clothes around. Many times I’ve come home to it beeping and stuck on a pile of dirty clothes.

I have the XV-12, which is the same as the XV-11 except for color. The XV-21 comes with the pet brush in addition to the standard beater brush. I can’t tell what the XV-14 comes with from the description on the Costco website, but it sounds similar to the XV-21. The XV-14 isn’t listed on Neato’s website.

Just watched a YT video of this thing in somebody’s den sucking up all the dog hair, and the dog just sat and watched it. And then I saw the owner was feeding the dog Ol’ Roy.


The XV-11, XV-12 and XV-14 are all the same.

The XV-11 is the original US model.
The XV-12 is sold exclusively in Target.
The XV-14 is sold exclusively in Costco.

They are all the same unit, but in different colors! :smiley:

The second picture is of the “Pet & Allergy Kit”, however I don’t see this listed in the features or specs.

Does this come with it. or not?

Assuming this blog is accurate, it explains the XV-15 is the same, too, but the allergy/pet XV-21 is different:

and yes, when I commented on this a year ago (255 comments then, it also was $299.99, $20 more than tonight, as lichme noted as well for last wootoff. However, rather than quote the outdated links in my entry, I’ll update them here. Support page:

including new quick start guide

and user guide

Endgadget’s review from 2010

and one of many youtube videos on this

although you could hunt for the XV11 as noted for other videos like this:

Good night.

We bought a Neato last February and it worked great, even after it began making unusual loud rattling motor noises a few months ago.
I finally called the company before my warranty ran out. The rep listened to my complaint and asked when I had last replaced the brush blades; I told her about 6 months ago. She sent me a free set of new blades and told me they would swap out the machine if the problem continued.
Replacing the blades did not solve the problem so I made a second call to the company. Within a week I received a replacement Neato with a prepaid label for returning my original unit. The new unit works fine.

I had registered the original Neato with the company soon after receiving it last year. That probably made the replacement process easier as they had my information on file. And, I got a free filter for registering.

Neato averages 3 runs a day, 4 days a week in this house. At the end of his day, his little dirt bin is full, the floors shine, and the carpets are brighter. He gets a clean filter after each work day. I toss the dirty ones in a bag and at the end of the week I vacuum them for reuse. Cleaning the stairs and Neato’s filters are about the only time I use the old upright any more.

Neato is one of the best purchases we have made in our 40+ years of marriage,

I already own one of thses but it is the best of all the robots made. I did a lot of research before choosing it. From bare floors to throw rugs, as long as you keep the filter clean and the collection bin emptied, this puppy is amazing. Way better than the other brands you probably think of. Factory support is amazing. It is a bit noisy due to having a beater bar and the amount of suction it has and you have to deal with the edges close to walls yourself, but that’s easy to accomplish.
If you’ve been wanting one of these types, now is the time. They don’t get any cheaper.

Love my Neato! One thing- you MUST occasionally pull the beater bar out and clean it thoroughly! I even pulled the ball bearings out of the piece at each end of the bar and used a small vacuum to suck the lint/pet hair out of the hole they sat in (and there was quite a bit). I also unscrewed all the compartments and thoroughly cleaned out every area I could reach. I’m sure it will prolong the life because there was lint & pet hair in all the crevices. I’ve had mine a year and no issues so far.

Would get one but still have my Roomba that was purchased in 2006 and is still running strong. I have had to replace batteries and brushes but has been well spent money.
I got one for my father soon after and it is still going.