Neato XV-21 Pet/Allergy Vac (Scratch & Dent)

Reviews over at Walmart

I bought one of these last time it was for sale.
It maps out the rooms and cleans in an organized fashion.
It cleans my house in 35 minutes, compared to the Roomba who took about 85 minutes to clean the same area.

Anyone know how well this goes from hardwoods to area rugs?

It has always worked fine, for me. I have a couple area rugs on my floor that it just climbs up onto and continues cleaning. If you’re having it clean rooms that are entirely carpeted, it generally works a little harder and the batteries don’t last quite as long. But it will go back and charge itself when it needs to, then continue.

We have 3 throw rugs on hardwood in our den. We have found it best to pull them up and throw them on the couch for the Roboto. It sometimes sucks up the edge of the rug and gets stuck. We clean at 2:30 AM so we are not bothered by it.

I also got in on the last deal and I am glad I bought it as it does a great job…However there are 2 cons that I think are worth mentioning. 1. it rides up furniture so if you have any sloped legs it could be a problem. 2. It does not get close to walls. I love my neato as I only have to vacuum by hand once every 2 weeks.

Buyer beware! I bought one, it lasted about 6 months.

Previous offer and 3 pages of comments, most of them negative.

Enjoy your doorstop. :slight_smile:

I bought one from woot a while ago. As others have said, it does work reasonably well going over rugs, various transitions, around furniture under tables etc. It picks up dog hair well. It has occasionally gotten stuck on cords or gotten lost and couldn’t find the base to recharge. I do have a complicated open floor plan with multiple rooms.

There is a caveat. Shortly after I got it, it went into a failure mode known as “dim green light syndrome or dead mode”. It stops responding to anything and seems dead. If you are handy, you can replace a bad capacitor on the circuit board which fixes it. You can find videos on YouTube that show step by step instructions. Once I did that, it’s been great!

I own two - an XV-21 from Woot and an XV Pro from another seller. Both are wonderful and working great, but there are caveats. The first thing that needs to be said is these are older models, meaning the dust bin is smaller and you won’t have all the newer features such as WiFi connectivity. They are, however, very good robotic vacuum cleaners at a great price and the best for this amount of money overall. Yes there are newer - and better - out there, but for much, much more money.

The second and perhaps even more important point is that the weak spot for the Neato XV’s has always been the stock nickel batteries. They are notorious for lower capacity, short life span, and poor at best voltage regulation. Your absolute best bet is to right away get a set (each robot takes two) of aftermarket lithium batteries for around $80 from Amazon. I’ve done this for both of mine and every issue I was having - including vision and navigation issues to short times between recharges - all vanished. Lithium batteries really make th XV’s operate as they were truly intended to, plus they last 4x longer than nickel (800 recharge cycles vs. 200). This obviously adds to the cost but since you have to replace the stock batteries roughly every 6 months anyways you might as well do it right away with lithiums and get a full two years out of them before having to do it again. This is my strongest recommendation.

My last word is that (like every other similar vacuum) you should keep an eye on your bot the first few times you run it to see where it has problems. This way you will learn how to prevent these issues from happening or block off the troublesome areas with obstacles or the included magnetic boundary tape.

If I was still in the market for a robotic vacuum cleaner I would not change my mind about getting one of these.

“If you are handy, you can replace a bad capacitor on the circuit board which fixes it.”

This is why I question comments from robot enthusiasts about what is trying to be a consumer product.

I returned my unit as it was DOA and the “refurb” still had half a dirty q-tip inside.

You get what you pay for, period. Eventually those “cheap” models cost you more in time and money, just like any other cheap purchase.

After giving up on 5 Neatos, older models and a BotVac, I bought a Roomba 880 and never been happier with the very long battery life, short time to recharge, NO maintenance, HEPA, and the 2 dirt sensors which really are a requirement to get your place real clean. I love to watch the blue light come on and the robot go back and forth until it’s satisfied all dirt is picked up. Always does this around outside entry doors, bedroom doors as opposed to along a wall or in a corner.

I am really surprised by your ability to change to lithium batteries. I thought I read on the various forums that the built in charger would not charge lithium batteries correctly. Also could you provide a link to the batteries you purchased? Thanks.

For this price, I was worth the effort rather than spending the big bucks on a roomba. I’m always looking for a bargain and don’t mind having to fix this for a couple of bucks.

The strength of the Neato robot navigation system, the Lidar, is also it’s Alchilles heel. Get ready for it or the motor to fail.

Problem is the Neato corporation, their design team and quality control. With every Roomba new release the product is improved.

I stopped looking for bargains in my youth. I now look for value. Has served this old pHart well over the years.

Yeah, aint buying any of that. A lithium battery takes a special charger for starts.

Here is the link for Amazon. There are at least three sellers of 4400 mAh lithium batteries - all are the same except for the name on the label.

If the link does not work, just search Amazon for “Neato xv lithium” and you will find them.

Wrongo bongo. The 2.0 or 2.4 amp laptop charger that comes with this Neato will charge a lithium battery just fine. I guess you still don’t know much about basic engineering, huh? And you’re still shilling a $550 Roomba over a $175 scratch and dent older model Neato, I see. Show me a $175 older model scratch and dent Roomba and we might have something to discuss, but until then you’re just being boring.