Neato XV-21 Pet/Allergy Vac (Scratch & Dent)

Careful on buying these. They have been built with faulty capacitors. You will eventually see that the green light is in this constantly on state with no screen response. Unless you replace all the capacitors, you’ll either have to unplug and leave the batteries out for 24 hours or it will not work.

I got one of these in February of this year and it still works great! I have it scheduled to clean every Monday Wednesday and Friday, never had a problem with it. Maybe since it’s factory reconditioned the capacitors have been replaced? Anyway, it’s sooooo nice to always have clean hardwood floors…runs around for an hour, recharges, runs around for another half hour then done. All I have to do is empty the bin before it goes to clean again and clean the dog hair from the brush once a week. Love it!!

I own two of the XV-12s (both refurbs from Woot), and they have both been brought down by the capacitor problem. It took 3 years for one to crap out, 4 years for the other. In retrospect I think i got my money’s worth. You should also expect to have to replace the batteries every year or two. You can find generic batteries on ebay for about $40

I’ve read on the web that the capacitor problems are widespread throughout the electronics industry because of poor quality Chinese capacitors are pretty much the only ones still available. They did the same to the chemical industry.

I’ll simply offer a word of caution. I purchased a refurbished one a few years ago and it was fucking awesome… when it worked.

After a few months of complain free working for us, it started complaining about battery issues and code 034R’sish thingies.

When it started working again it had a mind of it’s own. Swallowing large dog toys, my girlfrields sweaters, my snow boots, all with a murderous desire…

Srsly tho, i did own one, and it was great while it worked. Dont count on that being more than exactly what it is.

The worse product and support ever. Stay away from this crap. I have two units, 3-4 weeks after purchasing started to experience problems with batteries, various error codes (002, 007, etc). Called support was asked to do reset which fixed the problem. 6-8 weeks later the error came back. Called support and after wasting two weeks with them (asking for serial numbers, receipts, address, descriptions of problem, etc) they told both units are of warranty.

Their support will prolong the case until it is out of warranty!

By the way if do get 002 error that means battery is not connected fully. Online there are plenty of solutions how to fix it.

I have purchased 4 of these from Woot. Two for my house and one each for my two sons. One of ours had trouble after three months and cost us $150 to fix. One of my son’s had his die within a month of use. The part to fix it is over $200. Sadly, I purchased it two months before Christmas last year so a month later it was out of warranty. I love them when they work!! They need a longer warranty!!! Six months at least!!

Ah oh, another door stop.

Only worked for six months. Cannot buy insurance for it. Costs $ have is shipped, $35. to diagnose. Total repair, $229.
Cheaper to. Buy a new one. Parts which should have lasted years were worn and needed replacing. The NEATO company was not supportive at all.

I bought one years ago, yes the capacitor went south, but I got to googling and put in an upgraded capacitor, along with lithium ion batteries, works like a charm! Very content.

I have two of these (one bought from and have had no problems whatsoever except to buy new batteries (off of ebay) after about 2 years. I also have two Roombas. Love them all!

You’ve got a whole fleet!!

Bruce the Robot Butler, our XV-21 is about to be four years old and besides a few minor issues in the first year and a new battery about 18 months ago he’s still going strong. And he runs EVERY single day plus occasional spot cleans in a house with deep pile carpet and three cats.

I don’t know if we got lucky or what but our Neato has been a champ and what few problems we’ve had were rapidly addressed by customer service (they just sent us a new one.)

I like the name!!

I have had two, first died after 2 years screen went blank and couldn’t get it back. Second one about a year old still going strong. It likes to hump my speaker stand so it provides entertainment besides cleaning!! Better than owning pets!

I’m about 2 years in on my refurb unit and going strong. And that is with 2 huskies that shed in chunks. RoboVac keeps the 900 sf of wood floor pretty darn clean and hair free. Considering buying a second one for upstairs.

I read the information on the unit and it listed a 6 foot boundary marker, what is meant by this? I saw that one posting stated it cleans their 900 square foot area, could that be longer than 6ft at one point?

Sure you find it amusing, but try to look at it from the speaker stand’s point of view.

I would spend the $30 for the offered warranty. The good news is if it breaks, Neato will not be involved.

I can attest to Neato’s customer service being worse than useless. After eleven months of use I ran into an issue. I went to the Neato website and that initiated the first endless loop of robo-responses. After a week or so of those, it was followed by a frustrating live phone conversation with a CSR. By now a month had passed and the CSR tried telling me it was now out of warranty. Good thing I documented all my email and phone exchanges.

Next, I web-searched the all corporate honchos, extrapolated email addresses and sent off my complaint and displeasure at owning a $250 door stop, documenting the whole timeline of non-support including CSR names, phone call dates and copies of emails back and forth.

Damned if I wasn’t contacted within a day.

Imagine that.

The offered “help” sucked - a reduced fee for sending it back for service, so I opted to return it to Costco for a full refund.

The replacement has worked perfectly for a couple of years. But I still have the box and receipt…just for when it does die.

I’ve purchased two over the years (an XV-21 S&D from Woot and an XV Signature from elsewhere). I can attest from personal experience that all of the problems we’ve ever experienced were from the original nickel batteries. Every issue virtually vanished when I replaced them with aftermarket lithium batteries from Amazon.

I believe that the nickel batteries have poor voltage regulation and capacity, causing a host of electronic issues with this bot. As a bonus, lithium batteries should last four times longer (800 charge cycles vs. 200 for the stock batteries) - but they do cost about 2x what the stock batteries do. And frankly since this is a refurbished bot you have no idea if you are getting new or used batteries with it.

I you have issues with your current XV model Neato or if you are considering purchasing this one from here, please consider getting new lithium batteries right away - and possibly save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run. While I feel that it is unconscionable that Neato didn’t provide lithium batteries directly from the factory, adding them yourself really makes the XV as good as it was intended to be.

Just my two cents worth.