Neato XV-21 Pet/Allergy Vac (Scratch & Dent)

Any warranty or extra service protection available on this vac?

Yes, there’s a SquareTrade warranty listed at the top of the features. If you’re not seeing, try another device. :slight_smile:

Squaretrade, perhaps? Though it would only be for a year - frankly not enough for this model. I owned it myself, and several parts wore out within two years at various points. The motor that drove the rotating laser on top burned out first (disassembled it and found it was just a cheapo electric motor, and the metal lead contacting the shaft wore though). Fifteen bucks and four hours to fix that. Couple of months later, the button that senses the dust bin began failing intermittently. Five bucks and two hours. Within a few more months, the battery was useless, even with some real careful maintenance. $45 and ten minutes to replace. Not long after that, within two years of buying it at all, the bumper switch started failing and I gave it away to a friend that wanted a project. Another annoyance is that this vacuum is made to be relatively difficult to assemble and disassemble, with dozens of cheap screws that love to be stripped.

Buy this and a one year warranty, and you might get 18 months for your $200 total. If that sounds like a good deal, have at. If you have kids you want to teach electronics repair, it’s good for that too.

EDIT: Also, I paid $140 for this model over two years ago. What gives with that?