Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac
Price: $289.99
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Check out this “good” review from and learn how it works

We have had one for almost 3 years, best thing since sliced bread.

Neato cleaner works well, when it works. I went thru 3 in 4 years and after the last one recently died went with a Roomba 605. The Neato XV11 navigation turret motor died this time. Another aggravation was I could never update the firmware no matter what computer, browser I used. If you look at Amazon and Ebay or other resellers you’ll find that most of the Neatos offerd are refurbs. Once that warranty is gone, good luck.

What model (not that it matters, they’re all the same.)

Did I miss something…?
What’s with the swords in the tab?

I assume they’re for ASong of Nice and Tired.

Just got one few days ago (the refurbished special deal). Exact same model (for 160!) but with “scratch & dent”.
Test run on schedule yesterday. We came home and the house was spectacular! It even polish the hardfloors! I’m serious: I think that the silicon roll actually somehow manage to polish hard floors. Great, great purchase!

I bought mine from Woot in March 2013 for the same price and it’s still working like a champ. I love it. It picks up stuff that my Hoover upright doesn’t get, even though the carpet looks fine after the Hoover finishes. The Neato beats it hands down.

I did order extra magnetic strips because I’m a lazy slug and don’t like having to reposition them as the Neato makes its way around the house.

I definitely would buy this again.

I got one of these for the sole purpose of having a robot vacuum war with my roomba which happened last night.

There was only one round and it was very disappointing. The roomba is one touch operation whereas i had to go through a sequence to get the neato started.

The roomba seemed to know exactly where to go whereas the neato seemed to get caught up in a corner and was having trouble finding its way out.

This was however the first time running the neato so maybe it didnt know the lay of the land yet like the roomba did.

Seems like there should be multiple rounds. Overall robot vacuums are great, but im not paying more then a couple hundred dollars for one.

I’m wondering the same thing.

I liked the way the Neato, purchased from Woot, cleaned-- but it died in a few months. No problem, it was under warranty so I returned it and they sent another. However, the new one died a couple of months later. The warranty was on the first unit, not the one that replaced it. The initial unit had just gone out of warranty, so I threw away the almost new Neato. The cost to ship it back and pay for repairs was too high to gamble on only getting a few months use.

Have had the Roomba for several years now with the only problem being one I created. It gets frequent use, and I always picked it up by the wheel out of laziness. It tolerated that for a while, then the wheel assembly broke. Roomba sent another for $35, I switched them out, and it has been a workhorse. Once it got left on the screened in porch when we went on an extended vacation, which gets wet when it rains. I figured it was ruined, but it charged up and went back to work.

I have the Neato XV-12. I can press the big orange button twice and it will just start going. Not sure what you mean by having to go through a sequence.

Also, to my knowledge, the Neato does not memorize the “lay of the land”. The laser tells it where stuff is and it does not memorize these locations from cleaning to cleaning. You can have it clean your room, then you can move stuff around and clean again, and it will just clean where it can and go around what it has to.

I bought one of these from a previous Woot several months ago, and I am impressed with its cleaning ability. The rooms look well-vacuumed and clean. My only frustration is it seems to get stuck on things at random.

It’s about 50/50 as to whether it will complete a cleaning or get stuck somewhere, and on days where I’ve programmed it to clean while I’m at work, I look forward to finding a new comical position it’s found. I’ve seen it stuck under a coffee table, a chair, and even stuck in a hallway.

Take a look at the video below - it’s low quality and boring, but hey, it’s a video of a vacuum.

Our first Neato lasted over 1 year and would still work if I replaced the main board. Right before I was going to order a new board Woot had a sale on the refurbished Neatos. I picked one up but it had problems. Sent it back and second one still had problems. Now one our third and it’s a winner. I will say Neato’s customer service was top notch in dealing with the problem ones.

Costco has the signature for only 299 and the new one with side brush for 349 and you can return anything forever.

I bought one of these off Woot more than a year ago. We generally like it. It can’t do corners well, or stairs at all, so the net result is that our floor looks like it was well-vacuumed a couple of days ago. We still do a thorough manual vacuum every month or two… but this keeps things looking a lot fresher.

Ours is named Rosie, after the Jetson’s maid.

I recently bought a Neato XV-21 ‘scratch & dent’ on Woot and it arrived in great condition other than a small scratch on the top.

The Neato works pretty well but it is very noisy (and I’m using the soft brush) compared to my two Roombas (which I still have and work perfectly but I wanted a robotic vacuum on each floor so I didn’t have to move chargers around).

The Neato doesn’t get edges/corners as well as the Roomba because it doesn’t have a side brush.

I have to tuck my bed skirts up otherwise it will not go under the bed - the Roomba has no problem going through bed skirts.

The Neato also doesn’t go under some of my furniture because of it’s ‘eye’, the Roomba does.

I feel the Neato doesn’t pick up as much as the Roomba due to the fact the Roomba criss crosses around the room multiple times (which I know some people hate).

The Neato does not go under my dining room chairs because of it’s shape, the Roomba does.

I am not disappointed that I bought the Neato (esp. at the price) but if I get another vacuum it will most likely be another Roomba.

That’s what they do, die.