NEATO XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac

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NEATO XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Has anyone owned one of these as well as a roomba? Curious as to how they compare.

¿WHAAA Woot is cheating on Roomba?

Yes, a comparison to Roomba would be great. My Roomba lasted a little over a year, before it started having “seizures” and pacing back and forth like rain man. Roomba sent replacement and the second lasted another 18 months. Any NEATO users care to comment? Thanks

Just answered my own question! Here’s a comparison:

Nah. I’d say it’s more of a minajatwa.

Own it, love it, would buy it again in a heartbeat. Most comparison reviews like it better than Roomba with the exception of the lack of an edge sweeper brush.

But on to more important topics, like how the new pet version looks significantly less like a classic Nintendo.

I have owned a Roomba 500 series and currently own 2 XV-10’s. Comparing the 2, is like comparing night and day. The Neato units actually map and track the room, while the Roomba units just bounce around and vacuum what they can find.

I love my XV-11’s so much, I am trying to find out what changed in the XV-21 to see if I should replace the one I have upstairs with one.

I’ve used 2 of the XV-11 models (same except for the brush and a better filter on this model) for the past year and they are far superior to the many Roombas I’ve had over the years. I have a large dog and 2 cats, and I would have to spend 10 minutes cleaning out the Roomba after each use. With the Neato, I just empty the bin and it’s good to go. No hair clogging up the brush and rollers. I’ve also been very impressed with their customer service.

But what if I have 22 Pets?

I was curious about this, and it seems to just be:

  • 1 bristled pet brush + 1 regular rubber paddle brush vs 2 paddle brushes (installed and spare) with the XV-11
  • Thicker filter elements
  • blue plastic

Apparently you can just get the brush and filter as a pet upgrade kit to your XV-11.

I had the original Roomba for 4 or 5 years (replaced the battery once). When it died I needed to find a replacement and bought the Neato from Target 7 or 8 months ago. I like the Neato more because it gets done with a room in half the time it took my Roomba. The entry way stop being a magnet strip is very different from the barriers that Roomba uses, took a little use to rolling out the strip. The Neato is easier to clean and has a slightly larger dirt receptacle. I am very happy with my Neato.
Hope this helps with your decision.

Edit* I have the XV-12 version and not the 21.

We bought one about 7 months ago. Wish we hadn’t. It continually gets stuck, can’t get up onto the area rugs in the house and the bin fills up so quickly it hardly cleans any area at all (despite us doing a regular vacuuming weekly). We’ve done the software updates to it that were recommended and it didn’t change anything. Still runs around like its mentally challenged.

At what point is this actually not a deal and the $599 price totally arbitrary if it shows up at $299 every few weeks? Isn’t $299 THEN the regular price??

$299? Aye Carumba

So is it actually neato, or just kind of neat?

Has today’s boc been spoiled yet as yesterdays was? Just want to know if i should bother with the map crap.

Let’s put all the treasure discussion this way if we can, to keep product discussion from getting entirely derailed. :slight_smile: (Super appreciated!)

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