Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac

**Item: **Neato XV-21 Pet +%26 Allergy Robotic Vac
Price: $289.99
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Supposedly they’re going to make these with the capacity to mix a martini (or, for 30$ more, a whisky sour too) and bring it over to you wherever you are. Those “Vac-tenders” are the ones I’m waiting for and I’m sure Woot will have them here pronto as soon as they are available.

Let’s watch this in action [youtube=wTIVzBIBV1U][/youtube]

Check out this “good” review from

Let’s learn how it works

$299 and $28 more for three year warranty. New.

That’s an open box with no warranty listed. It’s $339 new

We love our little guy! We call him “Neato Magneto” because he picks up all of our Australian Shepherd’s hair and gets the dust from under the furniture. He’s a trooper and is still going strong a year later.

I’ve had one of these Neatos for over a year. When I first purchased it, I was curious, but didn’t have much confidence it would do a good job. It has proved to be a stalwart little vacuum, sucking up tons of hair shed by my two huge dogs. It has fallen down the stairs only once (and survived just fine). I feel it’s made very well, and made to last. Neato is…well, really neat.

Ah I see. I didn’t know what “open box” meant. Thanks

will it move from bare floor to area rugs??

I’m more curious if it will avoid my area rug and stay on the hardwood. I’ve got a shag run that needs a full stand up vacuum to clean. I just want a robot vac to pick up dog hair on about a thousand square feet (or less) of hardwood.

Just bought one three days ago from for $299 (free shipping) and 0% interest for 6 months. With three cats and a dog we’re hoping it won’t get too choked up.

Extremely disappointed in this thing. We bought it here about 7 months ago. It seems to get stuck on everything. To make matters worse, it has trouble locating its base. After one of its failed runs, I put it in the room where we keep its base and told it to return to base. It went from one side of the room to the other until it ran out of batteries. It actually managed to die further away from the base than when where I placed it originally. Not worth anywhere near the price paid. Should have bought another roomba.

I’ve had one since March and have been happy. I’ve got 3 cats and a dog, so a hairy environment. I’ve got a large one story house with tile, hardwood and area rugs in the main areas and carpet in the bedrooms. It navigates everything easily and I’m always impressed with how much hair and dust it picks up. It sometimes can’t find base between charges, but mostly it’s good. It has occasionally become stuck, but overall, it does very well. I like it a lot and would buy another. The battery hasn’t lasted well - it should run for about 40 minutes, but mine is down to about 25. I called Neato and they’re sending me a new battery.

As for avoiding anything - included with the Neato is a magnetic strip, about 8 feet long, that you can block things off with. It won’t cross the strip.

Does it clean the edge of the floor up to the walls? It looks like it turns around before it reaches the wall in the video.

It usually does the perimeter (up to the wall) first, then “mows the lawn” to fill in the middle.

I love mine! We have 4 dogs and it picks up a mess of hair, I start it at night and wake up with a much cleaner floor. It’s great how it cleans, stops vacuuming to recharge, wiggles and backs in to its station and comes back out to finish. I only use ours on hardwood floors so unsure on carpet, but again I love mine!! Definitely worth the money!