Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vac
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Sadly as cool as it is the battery does not hold its charge long enough to clean one room without recharging. When I first got it I was impressed but cost per clean is high days as it is fails to complete its job these days.

I love my XV-21! I bought it during the March 2013 Woot, have used it hard, and it’s never failed to deliver. It cleans the rooms in my home with power to spare. I wish I had enough money to buy another for my upstairs.

It’s been one of my best/favorite purchases.

I bought a refurb for $200 and it seems to clean a room or two in my 2040 square foot house between charges.

My problem is that it seems to “get lost” sometimes. Just today, I saw it thrashing about in one room, turning left and right repeatedly. It also sometimes has trouble finding its charging base, even if I set it down right next to it.

What I like is that it can clean under my platform bed and dresser. While one of my Dysons might be able to get under the dresser, getting all the way under the bed would be trickier.

Plus, my wife likes seeing the vacuum tracks on the bathroom carpet, so she knows it was there.

I purchased this unit from Woot about a year ago for around $200. We started off with a Roomba and loved it. When I saw this robotic vacuum at about 1/2 the price, I took a gamble and jumped on it.

Sadly, there is a reason it is half the price of Roomba. It doesn’t work nearly as well. In fact, we’ve resorted to simply unplugging it because of its poor performance. As another reviewer mentioned, ours was “lost” for about a month. It was stuck underneath a bed and never heard from again. To its credit, it does emit a beeping when it is stuck, but that doesn’t help much when it is set to run when no one is around.

It does stop at stairs, which is a major plus in my book. And some people like it more because it doesn’t bump into everything as much as a Roomba.

This is one of those cases where I would suggest spending the money to get a much better product.

I got mine back in September and already had to replace one after 3 months due to an error where is would always say the brush was stuck. To be fair, it cleans my 1970 sq ft house that houses 2 large 105 lb Great Pyrenees. The good news is the RMA process is quick and painless.

Aside from that, the machine is wonderful. It keeps the floor from having tumbleweeds of fur everyday. It does require a bit of maintenance if you have long haired dogs like mine. The brushes are not very well designed for hair. See those orange caps at the end? For some reason those are two pieces each instead of one and this causes hair to get tangled inside the orange caps which applies pressure to the side of the brushed causing them to become stuck. The orange cap is removable and you can yank the hair out, but like I said, it requires this type of maintenance.

Overall, I’m happy with it. The time I spend cleaning out the dirt bin and freeing the brush from dog fur is less than the time I would spend vacuuming my house with our upright. It does a good job and mine doesn’t have the lost problems. Just know that it will require daily brush cleaning and removal of hair from inside the orange caps every day, but this is two minute cleanup job.

Has anyone who has had problems with the battery not lasting very long (5 minutes on first charge every day for us) had any luck with a solution?

If you have a hairy dog or cat, forget it. I clogs up half way thru cleaning one room and I mean the hair gets into the works not just the brush. A real pain when you expect this to be a hands free operation. The battery charge is good for about a half hour.

We love our neato! It cleans 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a hallway and a closet each weekday. Battery life is approximately 40 minutes, which is less than a roomba but enough for about 2.5 rooms and then it recharges. It will then resume where it left off, if necessary, recharging once again before being done for the day.

If your battery is lasting less than ~30-40 minutes, you should get a new set–they are easily replaceable. Our Neato, “speedy”, has at least 1/3 full bin of dust/dirt each time. Works well for homes with pets. Highly recommend.

You need to call Neato and they will send you a replacement set if you’re within the first year warranty period.

WARNING. If you don’t buy the extended warranty, you will be left with a 300 dollar boat anchor after one year. Ours worked great in our house but shortly after the one year expired, the display went blank. Vacuum will still run, but there is no way to read error messages or change programming. The clock is off on ours by 12 hours, so it will auto start at nine o’clock at night now, which is pretty freaking annoying.

Also, if you’re having trouble with your vacuum, you have to remember to empty the bin after EVERY cleaning cycle and keep the brush bar clean or it will kill the battery.

I bought one last November(2012) and this year spent $100 on new batteries. Last Month my neato stopped functioning and the company refused to help because i was out of warranty. I do not recommend buying anything from this company.

One thing that works for me when the robot seems flaky is to turn it off (power down) & let it “rest” for 10-15". Turn back on & the next scheduled cycle it will have to “relearn” the pattern but seems to correct the flakiness. Rinse, repeat as needed. I probably turn it off once/week.

If you are or someone you know is handy with a computer, it’s possible to reprogram the schedule/set the clock on the Neato through the USB port (the one normally used for updating the software). It’s actually kind of easier that way because you don’t have to scroll back and forth on the screen, and you can have it report back it’s current settings.

Here’s are some links to the Neato programming guide, and a table of commands…

As an aside, the neato is a pretty awesome robotics platform for tinkerers. You can access the LIDAR sensor on the top of the machine for range finding and mapping, and you can control the wheel motors through the USB port to make some pretty cool things.

Wal * Mart has neato stuff for just a bit more. Signature at $339

I live in a small apartment, with 2 cats. Can someone tell me about the noise level? Is it as loud as a regular vacuum?

I bought one of these a year or so ago on Woot. It is good for picking up cat hair, but often gets stuck on my cat’s toys or on that 1 stray sock outside of the laundry basket. It also needs a good few feet on either side of the base or it’ll get lost. I like having nice vacuumed rooms upstairs when I get home, but I am often also greeted by the beeping sounds of a stuck machine.

It isn’t as loud as a regular vacuum, but it is still pretty loud. It sounds like a small jet flying around the floor. When it is going around the room I’m in I generally have trouble hearing the tv. However I have mine set to run 3 days a week while I’m out, and my cat has gotten used to it.