Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Apr 18 to Monday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Forget the pet hair, I want this thing to pick up MY hair

I thought Neato models only came in one color, specific to those models? Every XV-21 I’ve ever seen was a light grey with a purple bin.

Does this factory refurb include a NEW battery?

All of the Neatos are essentially the same unit with a different shell. I’ve read before that for refurbs, they just put a random shell on a unit. The differences in the units come in the brushes and filters. The xv-21 has a pet filter and brush (a $40ish upgrade) over previous models.

I have had an xv-21 for about 6 months now and loooooove it. We run him about 2-3 times a week and haven’t had any problems.

The reviews mention that battery life becomes a problem around the 9 month - to year mark, and a there seems to be some quality concerns with the product. These things are always worth noting.

If my little guy didn’t do such a good job by himself, I would buy a second unit at this price.

The cases are interchangeable. When Neato reconditions them, they grab the case closest to them. The guts will be XV-21 Pet & Allergy.

We’ve had ours for a little over two months now. Frank (we named him) makes our busy lives a little bit easier. I’ve mentioned it on a sale before, but he takes corners like a champ and doesn’t miss much debris. We run him twice a week in our small 2 bedroom/1 bath duplex. The only caveat is along baseboards he can miss sometimes. Particularly, where our rug in the living room sits about an inch from the wall. I guess the difference in level from the rug to the tile is the problem there, with such little space between the two. Also, if you are a woman with long hair, you might be cleaning the brush frequently. My wife has long hair and it wraps around the brush and locks it up. For this price point, you can’t beat the convenience. I do suspect that new batteries are in order in a few months given some of the comments on the last sale. That fine with me - it’s all about utility for the price. The convenience that Frank provides is worth it.

I second this question. I really want to buy this but there are a TON of reviews covering battery failures and a ‘wheel stuck error’.

Those two issues with only a 90 Day Warrenty (when these issues occur inside of a year) make me nervous.

Could you do me a favor and see if Frank is only 110v or is 220 compatible? It it is it will give a range somewhere near the where the plug connects to to unit. Thanks

I bought this a few months ago on Woot!. So far, this thing is really freaking awesome except for one issue that I’ve honestly been too lazy to call in about.

The robot will complete our entire living area (living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, mud room) in about 35 minutes. It fills the bin up like crazy. However, it never seems to be able to find home. Sometimes it’ll just snug up to a random wall and call it good, other times it’ll run out of battery in the middle of a room somewhere during its hopeless search for home, sometimes it’ll just park itself a foot away from home and think that is good.

Regardless, the thing works wonders. I would highly recommend it. No battery issues, no issues other than what I’ve already described really.

I’ve been using a refurbished XV-12 that I purchased off Woot for almost 6 months now. It’s the same thing as the XV-12, just without the pet brush and filters. I am very happy with it.

I had the problem with it not finding it’s docking station on occasion. This can be fixed by a software upgrade you can get from their website.

I’m looking to replace an old Roomba that worked pretty well but is on its last legs (wheels).

Can anyone tell me how this does on carpet, or transitioning from hardwood floors to area rugs?

Is it 220v compatible?

My house has hardwood everywhere on the first floor except the bedrooms. It does fine on all of them, and handles the transitions okay.

My first house had laminate and vinyl, and Neato did a good job. I replaced the laminate with carpet in the living room just prior to sale, and it did a good job on the carpet.

I did notice that the runtime between charges after switching to carpet was much shorter. With all smooth surfaces it did my old house in one pass. After the carpet was installed, it had to take a recharge break before it could complete the job.

I have a similar layout on my main floor. This is very helpful - thank you for your response!

Hope this thing works. The dust bunnies are starting to organize into a union around here!

OR buy it now on ebay for just $100.

Am I missing something?