Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 08 to Friday, Jan 09) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Good Reviews over at Best Buy

Checked out the ratings on Amazon. 4 out of 5 stars.

Easily the best robotic vacuums out there for any reasonable price. Beats the pants off all the Roomba vacuums because:

  1. It vacuums in straight back and forth lines like a person, so it finishes a room in a reasonable time, unlike the Roombas that bounce off walls in random directions for a few hours until hopefully they’ve managed to pass over every spot.

  2. It uses its LIDAR (that’s the same kind of laser mapping system Google’s self-driving cars use) to map your house. It knows the layout of each room it enters, identifies doorways so it can clean one room at a time, and if it runs out of charge, will recharge itself then pick up exactly where it left off cleaning.

  3. They’re ridiculously powerful for a battery-powered vacuum. They pull up so much more dust, dirt, hair and fur than other vacuums with each pass. I have to empty its bin after every run – it cleans an entire floor of the house at a time – because it’ll be packed full. Luckily that only takes a few seconds.

I have multiple pets and can confirm this thing does a good job picking up their fur from both hard floors and carpets. It’s never gotten clogged, and it has enough suction to pick up dry cat/dog food too.

The only caveat is that the NiMH batteries tend to wear out. Having to replace them in under a year isn’t uncommon, and since these are refurb units, they might already have some use on them. It’ll cost $50-60 to get a replacement set online.

Comments/Discussion from a previous sale

Thanks. Sounds a bit pricier for the battery than the Roomba (generics on Amazon for around 20 bucks).

I have wood floors with throw rugs. Gives Roomba trouble sometimes. How would Neato compare in that arena?

I totally concur with Dan (and don’t need to say much more because he did a great job) but will add that I’ve had both a Roomba and a Neato and have hardwood floors. My Roomba would get stuck at the edge of a thick throw rug and couldn’t get over it. The Neato has no problem with that so both the wood floors and the rugs are vacuumed. The Roomba (2, in fact) burned out because the spinning brush would get all clogged with pet fur (people hair, too). The Neato sucks all that up with no problem and like was previously said, that dust cup is FULL. It always amazes me and I marvel at what a slob I must be! I highly recommend it. I’ve had it for years and have yet to need a new battery. But when I do it will be worth it.

Based on yours and Dan’s reviews, I just might have to pull the trigger. If only there was something else I wanted on Woot today…

Love, Love, Love my Neatos! I have 2 as I have 2 levels in my house. Am going to purchase this one also!

Have to send one I bought refurbed back because it wouldnot power up out of the box. Since it was past 21 day woot return policy, because it was a Chrisrmas gift, have to deal with Neato co. Neato charges $24.60 return charges so check it as soon as you can!

One question i have of this unit: I have a large area rug in my living room, the area rug sits on top of an already carpeted living room. Do you know if it will transition from the carpeted room to the area rug without thinking the edge of the area rug is an obstacle? Thanks

I had 4 Neatos over a period of 5 years. Bottom line? They don’t last. I now have a dead Neato because the LIDAR motor played out. Wanna know why there’s more refurbed Neatos than new? Check out Ebay & Amazon. Having said that I got a special deal at Costco for a Neato Botvac, ONLY, because I can return it at any time for a full refund. The cleaning power of a Botvac is great but like all Neatos I don’t expect it to last. When it gets caught up in the tight legs of a table it will back up to the legs and “hump” them, or climb/back up against them.

Hard to beat a Roomba 650, best in reviews even against similar Neatos and if you have the bucks to spend and want not only great performance but no maintenance headaches(brushes to clean, dead batteries, etc.) the Roomba 800 series is the one to get.

The Roomba does a much better job hopping dis-similar floor heights. My Neato Botvac will try to chew up an entrance throwrug, the kind with the non-slip rubber backing.

Great review by one of the commentors above. I’ll agree that the vacuum is very powerful and efficient. The battery life is abysmal, though. I have to replace the batteries every 6 months and they degrade quickly along the way (every other day cleaning). Newest development - screen is dead, apparently another common issue. Pretty pricey to deal with these issues.

I have a Neato and I am happy with it. I suggest a Square trade warranty. I bought a Square trade Warranty for the Neato and one month before the warranty ran out, my neato"s computer went out. Square trade honored the warranty and refunded my money. I had to send the broken unit back to Square Trade at their expense. There was no hassle and I now have a new unit with a new warranty. I have had 3 Roomba’s in the past. The Neato out performs it in every way.
All that being said, the Neato can get stuck and mine does so about 20% of the time. Since I am home it’s not a problem, but if you want to schedule yours while you are at work, don’t be surprised it you have to look for it when you get home. I have a dog that shed a lot and the Neato does an excellent job of picking up her hair. My Neato is a life saver when it comes to the dog hair. Also, when you receive your Neato, if the battery does run for at least 45 minutes, let Neato know. They should send you a new battery for free. (within the 90 day Warranty period)

OK, I bit the bullet on one, as I have cats and not a lot of time. Question: What happens if an idiot cat gets too close?

I wonder why the batteries die so soon? I have a battery in my electric mower and it has lasted two years. Is this some Neato scheme to “pay as you go” every six months?

I’m in partial agreement with you - at least on the Costco purchase. Neato customer service and repairs is at best, expensive and awful. Costco however will take back a dead Neato (and it will happen) with no hassle, provided you have the receipt and accessories.

Having said the Neato will die, so will a Roomba, probably including the “circle of death dance”. [youtube=HLaKWNa81Mw][/youtube]

Neato navigates easily without scraping along moulding, easily transitions between carpet and solid flooring, and vacuums efficiently and 1000% better than a Roomba.

Both the Neato and Roomba will occasionally corner itself. Both will also get tangled in the loose fringe of a rug.

All in all, I’m a happy Neato customer, but again - only because I can return it to Costco for a full refund 2 years later when it dies.

I’ve had one of these for almost three years now, and recently bought a second one when this scratch and dent deal came up on woot a couple months ago. When it works correctly, the XV-21 is a great unit, but we’ve had a bunch of problems come up (starting right after our 1-year warranty expire):

  • The thing will think the dust bin is missing when it’s in place. This turned out to be due to a dirty switch, which was easily fixed after disassembling the unit.

  • The battery went bad after about 18 months (it would need to recharge several times before finishing its duties). We bought an off-brand replacement that has worked great.

  • The thing will get dust and hair wrapped up in the small cavity where the brush belt goes. This will stop your Neato in its tracks, and can be very tricky to clean, but I have found a solution involving an exacto knife, tweezers, headlamp, and a hard plastic straw connected to a non-robot vaccum cleaner.

  • Our original XV-21 currently doesn’t believe it is on the ground. So it doesn’t go. This just started about a week or so ago, and I haven’t solved it yet.

Minor issues:

  • The thing will sometimes not go all the way back to its home. It will get about a foot away and then give up. It’s a little sad to see.

  • The thing just doesn’t like bathroom mats. It just rolls/folds them up and pushes them into corners.

  • The thing does not get all the dog hair from the carpet within an inch or so of a wall. It doesn’t have this problem on hardwood.

Overall, I recommend the XV-21 at the scratch and dent price, but only if you’re comfortable with doing occasional repairs. It’s not rocket science or brain surgery, but it is robot maintenance.

If you do buy one, there are a bunch of youtube videos on tear-down and repair that are very helpful, and which you’ll almost certainly need if you plan to use the vacuum regularly and keep it for more than a year or so. I’ve used this one a few times:

The XV-21 is the only robot vacuum I’ve owned, so cannot compare to Roomba or other robots.