Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’m interested in this, but Neato’s seem to be pretty hit and miss as far as quality is concerned. Has anyone had any experience with Squaretrade and a Neato?

I just bought myself some newer model units (botvac 85). They are seriously amazing. You have to be realistic though. They can’t hold much waste, so they need to pretty much maintain your carpet. I recommend deep cleaning your house and removing anything that would tangle them up before setting them free. I did this, and now I just wake up to clean carpets and empty the waste bin after each cleaning. I have three dogs and run them three times a week. I fully expect to replace the batteries in a year.

Does anyone else feel like the White & Purple one looks like an old SNES?

Reviews over at Newegg

I have a love-hate relationship with this vacuum. When it works it is great, but I’ve already had to send one back, replaced the batteries, and now am getting battery error 0002. If I unhook the batteries and hook back up 5 minutes later the robot will work for a while. I think I bought an expensive doorstop.

About 1/2 a year ago I ordered two, one for me and one for a friend. The friends one died after 1 month. mine still works, kind of. It needs help every once in a while, it asks someone to kindly press the “ok” button so it can resume cleaning. most of the times it just stops cleaning in the middle of the carpet when nothing is blocking its vision or tangled in his cute wheels.
cleaning quality is great on those rare occasions it manages to vacuum all rooms without stopping on a random error.
conclusion: I DON’T recommend anyone buying this robot.

I’ve had 4 Neato’s that got crazy and now a new Botvac that’s going crazy too, getting lost. Think I’m going to return the Botvac to Costco for a refund and go with a Roomba 880. The reliability of Neato is the worst of any gadget I’ve seen.

Yeah, and I can kinda hear some of the Mario bro’s music when it gets stuck.

Seems like this model is sorta older. For most of these robot vacuums, the battery seems to be the thing that goes out first. Recommend buying another battery with this right away? Even with 1-yr warranty, that seems to make some sense.

More importantly, why is squaretrade 1-yr warranty on here $28.99, while on Amazon for more expensive, it’s only $22.86 for 2 years??

Got this model late last year from a big box store (along with an extended warranty). Only issue after 10 months of almost nightly running is that it is taking longer to clean the house. It is amazing to wake up to clean floors.
Will say that I empty and clean bin each morning and use a dry toothbrush to clean filter. I only have hardwood and ceramic…no carpet. Think that those with issues must have carpets that slow down and perhaps drain the battery. Get an extended warranty if possible!!!
Side note…the Neato has a definite cleaning pattern and the Roomba bounces all over in a random pattern. After owning both…Neato would be my choice.

I bought one of these back in January. I was very happy when it arrived because it looked great and powered up with no problem. It lasted through about 5 cleanings and then stopped with a dimly lit green LED indicator. Admittedly I didn’t open it and program it right away, so by the time it broke, I was out of the warranty. Thankfully I bought the square trade warranty. They sent me a complete refund stating it wasn’t worth their time to try to repair it.

It seems the problem I have is a common problem and it is documented here:

The problem appears to be poor quality capacitors used to manufacture the unit as best I can understand.

I purchased a refurbished unit here on Woot a few months ago. I have gone through three base stations and two robots through the Neato customer service department and they finally offered me a refund to take the robot back. I really wanted it to work but it became a bit of a hobby just trying to figure out what the errors meant and how to get my carpet cleaned. Customer service was friendly and responsive, but I just don’t think this robot is ready for prime time. I ended up purchasing a Roomba and, although it’s random pattern is a bummer compared to the Neato, it has worked flawlessly the way I hoped the Neato would.

Bottom line - Buy the Roomba.

It seems these have frequent problems, so I would never pay new retail for one. This is a pretty good deal. I got a refurbished XV-14 for about 1/3 less, and it does suck up the pet hair well. But, you really gotta move stuff off the floor that the bot could get stuck in or on - i.e., loose threads on area rugs, underwear on floor, dog bowl. Put down the magnetic strip to keep it from going where you don’t want it, like over the threshold that it can cross on the way down but not back up. It is a game to see where we will find it stuck.

I bought a new one about 1.5 years ago, replaced batteries earlier this year and filter changes. I’m due for a brush change. It worked really well the first year, after the battery change I get the 002 error from time to time, I usually take out the batteries and swap side to side and it fixes the issue for a month or so. I did buy a squaretrade warranty with it but haven’t had to use it yet. Will probably tap it for the next replacement batteries.

Does a great job picking up after 2 kids and a lab. Half of my floor is ceramic tile, half carpet.

I’ve thought about a S&D for the upstairs but see lots of issues with them on the forums.

When using these at the top of stairs, is it smart enough to not ride down them or do you have to put the strip down?

I bought one of these about a year and a half ago. It worked fantastically for about 9 months then refused to charge one day. I sent that one back to neato and they upgraded me to a botvac-85. That thing worked for less than a month and now I’m having trouble getting them to do anything about it. I guess its up to you to if you want to gamble your money, but I am holding off.

Reviews for square trade are pretty good. I picked one of these up for dog hair on tile floor as well as the two year warranty through square trade. Given the hit or miss nature of the device I figure in this case an extended warranty is worth it.