Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought one of these a while back to help around the house. I really like how it actually looks around and sees things and has a logical pattern to cleaning rooms. Unlike the Roomba. It does a great job of cleaning both the carpets and hardwood floors. It hardly ever gets stuck (Maybe the odd cable here or there). However, the first one I had the battery died within a couple of weeks. They sent me a new battery and I had the same problem. I had to then ship back the whole unit (Cost me 25 bucks!). I am currently testing out the new unit they sent me. So far so good.

I have had experience with 5 of these (gift, replacement times two. After about a year…the two I have left are non operative. RPS error on one and blank screen on the other. one other had a one that was replaced had a blank screen. One of the dead ones had itself been replaced by a refurb which had terrible batteries. I had to fight to get them replaced, since the vacuum had been replaced the first time with one with bad batteries.

They were fun while they lasted. Nice to have them go under beds and coffee tables,…hard places to reach.

Durablility is not built into this technology. I would NOT recommend to a friend

Just chiming in.

I love the thing. But it is finicky.

My first set of batteries died about a month in. I got a third party extended battery pack, and it has lasted fine for almost a year.


I believe one of my battery chargers doesn’t work. Basically, after a week and a half I have to swap the batteries (i.e. move the left one to the right slot), let them charge, then swap them again.

For the price it doesn’t really bother me to go through this ritual. My dog is a fur geyser and my dependence on the robot is utter. I’m tempted to get an upgrade, but the thing still works, so I’ll wait for something catastrophic before replacing it.

Bought one on here awhile back, stopped working a couple months in. Support walked me through a “hard restart” which solved it two or three times then it died for good. Support said it was out of warranty.

Those guys having issues when battery lasts for 10 minutes or less. I had the same issue with Neato from one of the previous deals. Just go into menu -> Settings and select there item New Battery. It will reset some kind of “cache” and robot will start working like new (about an hour on one charge for me).

Have a nice day.

I purchased one of these the last time it was listed… It was a gift for my brother so I did not immediately open it and try it out (MY MISTAKE)… When my brother’s B-Day rolled around this thing was DEAD ON ARRIVAL… I attempted to return it and Woot advised I was Scat out of luck due to the fact it was just a few days outside of the return date… I sent another email to them explaining it was a gift and we did not realize it was defective / dead until the date of his Birthday … Anyhow, Stay Away from this piece of pou… As a side note… Please do realize ever since Amazon and woot teamed up … the customer service has been terrible in reference to returns… So you better do your homework prior to buying.

Two things you can count on with the Neato’s:

  1. They will fail, many times sooner than later,

  2. You can always find a refurb based on #1.

Been thru 4 of 'em including a BotVac which I returned to Costco. The navigation system is the weak link unlink Roomba that doesn’t have to rely on a laser to navigate. About 6 months in my BotVac did what the other models did, got lost, ran over the same place many times, couldn’t find its way around an “obstruction” in spite of it running in open ground, humping table legs.

Does get stuck but i don’t know of any that does not get stuck from time to time. Had mine for 3 years and have had no issues at all with it cleaning my L shaped dining room and living room ~700 sqft. I would highly recommend this product, especially if you hate vacuuming like myself. Hardwood by the way. Also, batteries have held up so far.

Got one of these for Christmas - Refurb - from another site. Set it up a couple weeks later. Our vac runs every day around 10am. It occasionally gets stuck, and continually scares the beejebus out of the cat. I guess we’ve been fortunate in that it’s still running with no issues - no battery issues - no lost laser issues. We love it - and it’s still going strong 9 mos later.

It’a an absolute must to purchase an extended warranty for these units. I bought one through Amazon, reconditioned, 90 day warranty. After 6 months, the sensor unit started to fail, at 9 months, the sensor was inoperative.

By all accounts, the cost of out-of-warranty repair and shipping is close to replacement cost. That wouldn’t be dealbreaker if the thing was 4 years old, but 9 months?

Read up on sensor failure and battery issues before making your final decision.

I have a Neato robot. It worked ok for about 6 months. Started getting confused where it was, finding it’s way back to base. Always ending about 3-4 inches from base if it actually knew where it was.

I started having battery/charging issues. Replaced batteries a few times. Then charging issues with all sorts of errors. (Me and lots of others.)
I like the concept. It is great when it is working. I just wish they were more reliable. Seems like the engineeering dept should focus on some of the same issues everyone is having. And they would have a great product.

Sounds familiar.

I cannot believe how many people drank the Neato Koolaide and put up with outrageous problems and expense with them. They are supposed to be a working product, not a hobby!

And yes, my experience was similar, including half a used Q-tip in the “refurbished” unit.

Ever wonder how many times these have been returned and sent out again?

Buy one of these reforms and you are buying a robot hobby and learning about UPS rates as a bonus.

Get the iRobot. Yeah, it has a random pattern but it works.

I bought one with my Discover card for purchase protection and a free one year extended warranty. If this thing craps out within a year + 90 days (which seems to be the going rate based on the comments here), I’ll get a no-questions-asked statement credit and will raid the robot’s corpse for parts to fuel my robotics hobby.

Yeah, I’d advise staying away from this too. Or, if you do buy it, try it out right away and if it doesn’t work send it back to Woot - Neato will keep having you do updates until you’re past your return period, and probably past the 90 day warranty.

I just got mine to turn back on after 6 months. It involved swapping the batteries so that the screen would stay on long enough to get the ‘battery error’ message that was stopping the batteries from charging in the first place, installing a software update, and taking apart the neato and the charger and putting them back together again like 12 times each. Seriously, the thing has its own screwdriver.

And all this was after it initially wouldn’t work when I purchased it (it gave me some battery error for that too, but actually it just had a piece of not-my hair caught in the belt… some needle nosed tweezers solved that problem), and then after it wouldn’t work because it suddenly decided it didn’t like the surge protector I had it hooked up to.

Latest and best model that has really come down in price is the roomba 880. You can get them new off ebay for under $500 shipped.

The strength of Neato, it’s navigation system using LIDAR (laser) is also its Achille’s heal. It WILL fail.