Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 02 to Tuesday, Nov 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Best Buy

Word to the wise: this company has some of the worst customer service ever. Do a search online and you’ll find plenty of complaints. I am one of those as well.

Also, the batteries in the bots wear out faster than you could imagine. After just one month the vacuum started to need to charge 3 times to vacuum one floor of my small house.

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I have one of these that I purchased through the Mother Ship about a year ago. The customer service from Neato is definitely not great, although I’ve come across worse.

The vacuum, when it works, is great and I personally haven’t had an issue with battery life yet… I did have an issue with the first 3(!) vacuums though, in that none of them actually worked. Each had a different problem than the others, and each was sent back for warranty replacement almost immediately upon receiving them. That certainly didn’t leave a great initial impression.

I use it primarily in our great room, which was tiled earlier this year but was still carpeted when I bought the robot. It works well on both surfaces, and does pick up a ton of dirt and dog hair. The room is 400 sq feet, with an unfriendly furniture layout and it manages to get everything but the corners normally… if a bit drunkenly.

I found all the reviews about bad battery life after I purchased my Neato from Woot during the first half of August, 2015. I figured that’s why they are refurbished.

Nonetheless, it’s the end of October, and mine is still humming along. I’m very happy with it. My Neato has to recharge once or twice to cover the 1100+ sq. ft. area it’s confined to. It misses some spots I would get, but it gets many areas I don’t normally reach. I’m amazed how thorough it is. It will not replace a thorough hand vacuuming, but I’ve used it successfully for weeks on our hardwood and vinyl floors.

If your house is cluttered, you need to get papers and cords (and dog toys) out of the way. The bot does get stuck in really small places, but I’m amazed how well it works its way out of most confined areas. I have a lot of them.

With 3 cats and 2 dogs, my house is much cleaner than it used to be. I just empty the cup each time, and it’s good to go.

I’m not expecting the battery to last forever, based on the reviews, but this has been a very happy experiment to see if I’d like a robot vacuum. With my bad back, it’s a pain-saver. And I’ve named it Irene.

Why would I want a machine that “Scratches and Dents” my house :slight_smile:

I got one in Nov 2014 here, also a scratch and dent.
Love it love it love it. Have 1 dog and 2 cats and I run it about 2-3 times a week in different rooms.
It churns and sucks up pet hair like crazy. Doesn’t scare the cats or the dog. Just makes life easier. Cannot recommend it enough.

I have had mine for 1 year. I have went through 3 sets of batteries but this thing is my best friend. I hate to vacuum and I am a neat freak. I have mine set to run 2 times per week and I just love coming home and having my floors cleaned!

Works great on any floor type. It is however not perfect at all. You need to make sure there is nothing on the floor so it wont get stuck. It also needs to be properly cleaned and maintained so it operates as expected. Need to clean out the bin and keep the filters clean and replace when needed. I am thinking about buying anther one, since the price is half what I paid here 1 year ago.

Love hate relationship. I sent my first one back. The second one works well, but seems to display the dreaded “battery issue” display every week or so. Unplug the batteries and rep lug then it works.
I agree with the keep it clean idea. When I clean the roller I make sure to hand spin the belt and remove any hair. If you don’t it will accumulate where you can’t reach it!

Decent vacuum, when it worked. Does eat batteries. Alas, the customer service and warranty support are the absolute worst I have ever experienced. They make Comcast and Verizon look good by comparison. Shipping us multiple replacement vacuums at our expense that were obviously broken ones that other customers had returned. Yeah, I know that I am supposed to get a refurb to swap for the refurb I sent in, but that also means that they are supposed to FIX IT before sending it back out. Frozen motors and fried main boards and gross stuff in the rollers and waste bin tells me that they are just slapping a new shipping label onto busted units as they are returned.

Obviously I am not bitter about all of the time and money wasted.

Buy this new from Costco, at least you can take it back for a refund when it dies. Woot sucks for continuing to push this garbage after so many people have been burned.

bought this last time and went great for 3 weeks then problems. Sent in and they sent me a replacement that was DOA. Sent that one back and am waiting on refund. Support was nice, vacuum worked great while it lasted.

This is a pass.

I got one from woot a while ago, it was a different model than advertised here i had to return it as it was not working well, beware buying from woot,
I got one from walmart and it works great, even customer service had it replaced once when the rotor got stuck.

Just started my scratch and dent one this morning before I left the house. They are great when they work. It does get confused from time to time but I think every robot can and will get confused. I like it over roombas because it doesn’t just bounce around and make it look like a drunken maniac vacuumed the carpet.

Got one of these off Woot back in March and have loved it. However, the last could times its run (including today) it complains about the brush being overloaded even after I take the brush out and thoroughly clean it. There may just be debris lodged in the motor with-in the case…did some searching and it appears to be common .

Unfortunately, with a refurb you only get 90-days on the warranty so here’s to hoping it just needs to be taken apart and cleaned (and that I can put it back together).

I picked one of these up a year ago, reconditioned from Amazon. It’s been great. The battery seemed like it wasn’t great at first, but then I ran it through the “new battery” cycle from the manual and it’s been running like a champ.

The biggest problem is that my cat hates it and can sometimes hit the big orange STOP button while it’s running. I think they’ve come to an understanding, but still.

As I told Neato when they refused me further help, after I had 4 robots with problems in a year: I’ll take every opportunity I get to badmouth your company so long as you remain in business. 1st would not navigate. 2nd navigated really well but after about 6 months, the belt that drives the brush broke and it is not user replaceable, they do not even sell it (pretty goofy design?). 3rd was DOA and it took me a month and about 20 contacts before they would agree to replace it - like DOA is difficult to understand. 4th had constant navigation issues. So, this is a great buy if you are looking for something to really piss you off a few times a week.

I bought one of these a few months ago in the scratch and dent sale. It was working great and I loved it until about 2 weeks ago. Now, it keeps giving a battery error message and asking for a restart. It usually doesn’t work (although sometimes it does) and just chirps sadly at me. Very disappointed - I miss my little robot helper.

Look in the book and see if there is some reset procedure. Otherwise access the battery compartment (there are probably 2) and disconnect all batteries overnight, try the next day. This got mine going again, unfortunately the same problem returned a week later, and after a while it was daily, at which point I gave up. I had an older model, thus unsure of the specifics of this one.