Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

Guess I got lucky. Had to send 2 back due to issues but Neato sent replacement first & I sent the 2 problem units in the box replacement came in. They also let me keep the accessories so I got extra strips to keep “Juice” of where I don’t want him, extra rollers & dust bin. With 4 cats it’s been great for my hall & living room. Rolling over cat poo tainted a roller but it was easy to replace & clean the hardwood roller works fine on carpet. Ton of cat hair packed into a little block. I love it.

The second of the 4 I had was a great unit - until the belt broke. Then I got 2 more junky ones. They got the right idea and they can execute. Quality control seems to be a huge issue for them though. They are obviously spending a fortune swapping out units under warranty, yet at the same time alienating much of their customer base, really bad combo if you want to be successful. For comparison I have 2 Roomba, one from 2008, other 2009, they run almost daily since purchase and are still here. I’ve replaced parts, as they are designed for easy end-user part replacement, and the parts are pretty reasonable in cost. The Neato is the only belt-driven vac on the planet with a non-replaceable drive belt. It’s crazy. They’ll never survive going as they are, but they show no inclination to make any changes.

A week or so after receiving the unit, I started getting an error on the screen that there was an issue with the battery and I needed to click OKAY to reboot it (0007 error). Now, a month later, I’m getting the same error but it won’t clear and now the unit has stopped working completely. I’ve sent Neato’s customer support an email and waiting for a reply. The woot page says “90 day Neato” warranty. I’ve only had the unit about 6 weeks (purchased as a scratch & dent on 10/30/2015). Hopefully Neato will fix it. I’ve purchased many refurbished items from woot and have never had a problem until now.