Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum

Here is some info from the product page and a Cnet video review

Consumer Reports says that shag/long carpeting aren’t a good idea for robotic vacuums. Anybody confirm/deny?

I had a shag rug from Costco and a Neato XV12. It can get on top of it and move around but very slow and often it would give up and start beeping with “Unable to navigate” error.

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s watch a review [youtube=UaLl9tmSLkw][/youtube]

My Neato makes the carpet look like freshly-cut lawn.

The main floor of our house is a large circular path of rooms (entry <-> dining <-> kitchen <-> living <-> entry).

Will the Neato have trouble reliably cleaning all of these areas?

I have a similar layout with some off-shoots, and Neato does navigate it all eventually. It always takes the longest path back to the charger however, as it must keep track of how it got there and reverses that path.

“Pro-Robotic” - I read this as “pro-biotic” and was rather confused for a sec.


LOL. i looked at this and thought- what on earth are they talking about? wow, they can do that now too? and was about to go read the description but then read twice and understood. probiotic, really!

If you live in an empty home with no furniture or children leaving items on the floor and scads of vacant space I can see how it works great! My home actually has furniture though and is crowded with lifes accumulation … Don’t see it working for me.

I should post a picture for comparison … The above picture can be "How you imagine it should be …and mine could be actual “Reality” …lol

Seriously… Is New-Open Box really new? Will everything get here as it should?

I have furniture and a cat who leaves his toys everywhere, and the XV14 works just fine for me (as far as I can tell, all the models have identical software). Sometimes it’ll get stuck on a smaller toy, but given that it runs every day, it’s fine. I should also mention that the dog occasionally has an accident inside. Cleaning poop out of a robotic vacuum is just as ridiculous as it sounds. I am fortunate she is a Chihuahua and is on a dry diet.

I have a similar one from a much earlier sale. They work much better than Roombas which I’ve also used.

A note on the software updates: I think every Neato uses the same software, which means you get snazzy new updates even for older models. I just updated my 1-2 year old Neato and it’s even ‘smarter’ than it was before.

As with any robotic vac, you do have to maintain a certain level of clean floors or it will push things around and there’s potential to get stuck - but it doesn’t happen very often for me anymore. I have 2 dogs in the house and the associated bowls and toys. The worst problem Neato seems to have is sometimes pushing the toys under the couch.

I always love it when the marketing hypsters add the word “Pro” to a product.

A “Pro” product used to mean it was made to be used by professionals, as in folks who would make a living with the product.

I have this image of some guy who buys a flock of these to vacuum other people’s living rooms for a small fee.

Best…Business Idea…EVAR. In for 75

I have on GOOD authority that the boxes may not even be open. :wink: So yes, all the parts will be there.

I have an older model (XV-11) and the exact same layout you are talking about. We have the Neato programmed to run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It does a great job. It’s not as thorough as a human with a wand attachment and so forth, but generally cleans pretty well. It takes three passes to get everything done, but the little guy scurries back to the charger, recharges and starts back up where it left off until the job is done. I don’t know if I am imagining this or not, but it actually seems like the longer we use it, the smarter it gets about avoiding problems. The first couple of times it seemed to get confused in a couple of tight corners and it missed getting into a little alcove area, but now it seems to have “learned” and does better. Weird. Definitely very cool though. We had a Roomba first, but the Neato is much better with its much more logical mapping/striping method. Better than Roomba’s “pinball” approach in my opinion.