Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum

Heresy! It’s not a Roomba. First they bring in a non Leak Frog leak detector and now this? Do those corporate suits over at Amazon have no sense of Woot! history and corporate culture? Next thing you know they’ll be tossing the monkeys on the scrap heap and bringing in Screaming Woot Aardvarks.

I bought the XV-21 10/5/12. The batteries went bad in August and they shipped me a new set for free. Very good customer service on other questions for them as well. Software upgraded at about the same time, on line, free.
Ours runs MWF in a 1200 square foot ranch. Usually makes at least one trip to the charging station. We have hardwood in all the rooms but one. One thing they don’t tell you is that it will only make three trips to recharge and then it’s done. Figured this out when the batteries were going bad, as it had to recharge more often. You’d think that it would just keep going until it’s done, but apparently not from our experience.
Keep the dirt bin emptied after every run.
Keep string or shoe laces out of the way.
Flimsey floor mats can be problematic.
Hope you don’t have a pukey/poopy pet - not good…

Love it. Would def. by another.

I have the Neato XV11. Works great on tile and wood. Much better cleaning system than any of my three Roomba’s i previously used. Not so good on carpet. Uses a pattern (amazing to watch) rather than random bouncing around the room like Roomba.

NOOOO I wanted the cheaper one!

Bought the Neato 21 in August. Have about 2000 square feet downstairs and the Neato works wonderfully. 3/4 of downstairs is oak floor, the rest is flagstone (therefore uneven). Neato does a super job. Navigates around furnitures, hops over doorway lips. Goes back to recharge itself and continues on where it left off a couple hours later. My floors look very clean and the little buggar still comes back with dirt in it every time (I empty the bin after each use because I like seeing what it is picked up).

As a Roomba owner for years and years, I now much prefer Neato. The cleaning is methodical, mapped out and no area is missed whereas the romba works by bumping its way around the Roomba hoping for the law of averages to work.

I snapped up the Neato XV 21 when it was offered a few days ago and it works well in my cluttered home. The Neato struggled manfully with all the dust and long pet hair.

Initially, I had to rescue it several times to empty its dust bin on its first runs. Now that it has done a thorough cleaning, it works remarkably well and I love it.

I suspect a deep shag carpet might defeat it, but regular carpets and bare floors are all swept clean. It works better in the dining room when I hang the chairs from the table.

You can update the software, but it comes with the latest version. This is a well engineered product and the status report displays make it easy to use.

I bought the pet and allergy model on Woot a while back and I could not be happier.

As others have said, it cleans 95% of the house really well. The only touch up vacuuming (if at all) is the 1/2" to 1" around the walls that it can’t get.

Taking 5 min or so to pick up misc stuff, shoes and dog toys in my case, goes a long way to having it run smoothly while you’re away.

I bought the XV21 when it was offered a couple months ago. It is an amazing product and my wife instantly fell in love with it. We live in an 1100 sq. foot house with 3 kids under 7 and 3 dogs. On a dirt road. So, yeah, it gets the job done, and does it well!

This thing has amazed me at how well it navigates and works around and over obstacles. To finish our 1100 square foot house, Robovac usually has to recharge one time. It’s really neat how it maps out rooms and methodically hits every square inch. And, I read complaints about it not getting up close to edges, but I’ve yet to see that. This thing hugs cabinets and baseboards as close as you could possibly expect. As close as could get an upright vacuum.

My wife has gotten in the habit of using the magnetic blocking strip and putting it down before bed and then starting Robovac, letting him vacuum the front half of the house (den, dining room, kitchen). The next day, when everyone migrates out of the bedrooms towards the living areas and kitchen, she puts Robovac on the other side of the magnetic block and lets him hit the hallway, all 3 bedrooms and both bathrooms.

We’ve been using it now for a little over two months have zero complaints. Very good product, well worth the money.

In all seriousness, I’ve had a XV-12 w/ upgraded pet kit (effectively makes it an XV-21) for two years. About the only obstacle that sometimes gave it issues at our ~1400sqft townhouse was that it would beach itself trying to climb over the bottom an Ikea Poang chair. It’s been boxed up the last few months as we finish building our new house which is more like 2600sqft, so I’ll be interested to see how much it can handle on a single charge of that larger space.

How does this compare with XV-21? Thinking of buying it for a home with hardwood floors and multiple pets.


We have been waiting for a good price on one a robotic vacuum. My wife is a bit selective when it comes to items such as this and I wanted to know the return policy on this particular item. In examining the Woot “Terms & Conditions,” it states “Some items may not be returnable or refundable. At our discretion, a refund may be issued without requiring a return. In this situation, Woot does not take title to the refunded item. Woot does not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center.” It would appear that Woot is selective about returns so I wanted to ask about this particular item. Thanks.

I’ve got 3 questions I’m hoping people can help me with.

Anybody had one of these long enough to comment on how long batteries last before needing to be replaced? That is, not how long a charge will last, but how long before they will no longer hold a charge. I’ve got 3 Roombas that I like just fine as far as operation, except they seem to need new batteries about every 8 months to a year, and about $50 per battery, for 3 of them, I’ve given up. I ran my Roombas once a week, and on carpet, which I know will use more battery than I saw the one comment from somebody who said theirs about 10 months (Oct through the following August) and Neato replaced their battery for free, but I doubt they’ll do that beyond the 1 year warranty. And on their web site it looks like replacement batteries are $80, which they don’t even have in stock right now.

2nd, how do you stop these from going into another area? The Roomba had those ifrared stations you could place around. I see this comes with a 6’ “barrier” but I’m not sure how that works. And I would need a couple of them, and 6’ isn’t long enough for one of them. I have a couple of stairs I need to protect it against. I’m sure it has a stair detector, as did the Roomba, but it’s not very good on the Roomba. It’s carpeted stairs which aren’t a hard corner for it to detect, and if it hit the stairs at the wrong angle the stair detection wouldn’t catch it in time to stop it tumbling over. One of my stairs is an entry way up from the front door that is about 10’ wide. And I have another set of stairs down to another area (split level house) in the same area.

Last, I see it says it has different brushes for carpet vs. hardwood/linoleum. My main floor is a combination of both (carpet in living & dining rooms, linoleum in kitchen, a circular path in the main floor of the house). With its ability to do multiple rooms by returning and charging and going out again, will it do well on the other floor surface with the same brush? And in that case, any recommendations on which brush to use? (I’m sure I can do trial and error, but just wondering if anyone has experience with this.) Or will I need to block off the kitchen and have it do the the carpet one day, swap out the brush and do the kitchen another day? In which case, I’m going to need even more barriers.

All in all, I had the 3 roombas (at $199 each for 2, and the 3rd somebody gave me) and enough of the infrared markers, I just placed them set them on a schedule, and it did everything itself, other than having to empty the dirt bin. This sounds like I may have to be changing brushes and moving barriers on a regular basis. And might have to spend a bunch of money on additional barriers too.

Thanks for any comments based on experience.

Just got done w/ a 60 day trial of one of these. Works really well, cleans better than Roomba or HomBot, gets the whole room. Much louder than the above, but set it to work while you aren’t home. A screw fell out of the wheel and I assume was sucked up by the vacuum, forcing me to return it. But it cleans better than any other model I’ve found so far!! CAN BE FOUND FOR CHEAPER ON OTHER SITES RIGHT NOW USING COUPONS

Can’t comment on the first question because we’ve only owned it 2-3 months.

  1. It comes with magnetic strips that you place on the ground and that acts as a wall.

We have the XV11 with pet upgrade (you definitely want the brush if you have a pet or a wife!!!)

Absolutely love it. It does slow down a bit on the carpet, but it gets the job done. Have followed it up with our woot bought dyson and it missed nothing!

It appears that it’s a single 6’ strip. Can this be cut to length and used in different areas? But I’m still going to need more than 6’ length too in one spot, and in a couple of different spots at the same time. I guess it looks like I can purchase additional strips from their site at $30 for a 13’ length.

Yes it can and is meant to be used like that

I’ve had 6 Neato vacuums. The first three I got all stopped working after they kept saying the wheel was stuck.

The remaining three worked for some time but now no longer are useful.

One has the stuck wheel warning and refuses to do anything. The remaining two run for about 5 minutes then don’t make it back to the charger.

While they were great when they worked, they might as well be garbage now.

The Woot FAQ answers it pretty well. Pretty much just defects only.