Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum

  1. I’ve had mine for over a year running it almost everyday and the batteries have yet to die or have a noticeable decline in charge-span.

  2. It comes with a 6’ magnetic strip which you can cut up however you like to any length. You can buy more of these from their site or amazon, not that expensive.

  3. The combo brush that it comes with is part silicone blades and part brush it actually works better on hardwood than just the silicone blades as it flakes off any dried dirt on them.

I’ve had a similar problem with the wheel sticking. Depending on the model you have (older ones) the electric drive motor may have failed but more likely is that hair is caught up on the gear and this can be easily solved by taking off the brush and pulling the hair off the gear with a pair of tweezers. This problem has been rectified in the newer models and is much easier to fix. As for the batteries you can always get new ones, either contact Neato if the vacuum is still under warranty. If it is not see if you can just buy them off the internet somewhere.

I just realized how much a black Neato looks like the old Atari Jaguar…

Does anyone know if you can buy the Square Trade warranty on something like this (Open Box but new)?

Just wanting to make sure since the first Xv-11 I had went down the steps (which it was not supposed to do) and broke just out of the warranty…then I owned the XV-12 from Woot which lasted about 18 months before it now has weird patterns and a gimpy wheel.

We have had an XV-21 for about 8 months (runs every single day- we have cats and high pile carpet) and I’m noticing that it is more often taking 2 charges to do the house now instead of 1. Still cleans fine, still picks up everything, it just doesn’t quite finish the whole house on the second go 'round.

I have noticed that when I watch him run, he’ll sometimes get hung up in an area and waste time and energy going over and over a corner- I’m wondering if he needs a software update and if that will help him (his name is Bruce) use his charges more efficiently.

That said: I love Bruce. Team Neato forever. He has been worth his purchase price and then some. He’ll be worth a new battery when that time comes, too.

This must be on purpose- my XV-21 looks like a Super Nintendo.

There’s a SqTr link on the sale page. Since your receipt will say Open Box, you will have to purchase a warranty as a refurbished item.

That stinks… From my history these only seem to last about a year and a half. And the refurbished warranty stinks for the price…even though these are supposed to be brand new right?? Or are there actual ‘refurbs’ mixed in?

So just before I buy, this is brand new basically (maybe just an opened or damaged box?) and I will get the 1 year Neato warranty?

Thanks ThunderThighs! :slight_smile:

I pulled the trigger on my third bot … Here’s hoping that this Neato bot will at least make it past two years!! :slight_smile:

What happened to Woot… used to find cool stuff at great prices. Now we get … not Woot.

That said. Neat-o > irobot

Do NOT buy this. I loved Sheldon (my neato robot), I would often smile as I thought of him at home, cleaning my floors while attended to the rest of my life. Alas, the relationship ended prematurely. After multiple exchanges with the manufacturer, repeatedly getting the same error messages, rendering Sheldon unusable, they eventually said that I was out of the warranty period (from Sheldon 1) and could not replace Sheldon5 (whom had only been with me for a few months). I’ve heard that the original company founders, who believed in quality and customer service, have been pushed out by the guys who just want to make $$ and don’t care that they’ve broken my heart.

Purchased this Neato vac … and with-in 6 months it is broke. Contacted Neato support and was informed that they do NOT provide a warranty for ‘NEW/OPEN BOX’ items.

Yet in the Woot! description it clearly stated ‘Warranty: 1 Year Neato’. Of course I would have never purchased if this did not include any type of warranty, which I am sure most people would have not purchased it.

Can anyone here straighten this issue out? Neato is refusing warranty service.