Neato XV Signature Pro

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Neato XV Signature Pro
Price: $289.99
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Note Price Drop!

DO NOT PURCHASE. I DID AND WILL NOW ONLY BUY ROOMBA! Ours broke 3.5 months in and Neato wouldn’t do anything to help. Dermot at neato said we are on our own! My roomba a lasted 3 to 4 years with no troubles! I’m happy to email anyone my correspondence with Neato if anyone would like to see it for fact/truth finding. Hope this helps other consumers save their $$.:grinning::grinning:

I had exactly the opposite experience. Neato has been great to me, helping extensively with my elderly,refurbished XV, while the Roomba people have basically told me to suck wind when I had problems with their product. I guess it depends on the support person you get.

Good luck (you will need a lot of it) after 90 days…Been there, done that, never ever again with Neato. Apparently they had a major policy / management change and went from being the best to borderline rude and abrupt after seeking service. Never, ever again.

I have purchased 3 neatos and all 3 have had a problem. They all eventually get a laser blocked error and stop working after a month or two.

I have an XV-12 that has died (won’t go-blank screen can’t tell me what is wrong) but it was good for about two years. It was a refurb unit replaced under warranty after the first one didn’t make it a year. Neato replaced no problem but that was over two years ago.

My question is - what do you do with these after they die? I can take the batteries to Lowes but not sure what to do with the rest. I don’t want to throw in the landfill.

No comment on the product (I’m a guy - we rely on mindless repetitive tasks like vacuuming), but I must complement you on your Three Laws of Floorbotics. Dr. A would be proud.

I too had the opposite experience: they sent replacements until they got it right, and it’s been working great since.

You can count on having one of these refurb door stops hawked on Woot about every 2 mos.

Buyer beware…

This one is new condition =)


I got one on Woot 2 years ago that kept throwing battery errors. Got a replacement from Neato. New one throws battery errors and doesn’t make it back to the dock.

This is an common issue with these units. Battery issues and laser issues.

Just spend the extra money on a Roomba brand bot.

They are great when they work, but don’t count on them lasting. I’ve had several and they all go eventually. the longest was about 2 years. My most recent one did not even make it through the warranty period. I will say they replaced it with no trouble. I keep investing because of my dog, who sheds a lot!!!

Mine lasted about a year, then started being just weird. Tried new batteries, didn’t help. Finally it would clean part of a room then just quit. Can’t have a lasy robot. My Roomba (so far, its only a few months old) has worked fine.

I have two Neatos. I have a love hate with them. When they work they are great, but mine break about every three months. So far customer service has been great. I call them, they send me a replacement… However, it is super annoying they break every three months. However, for this price considering buying a spare.

I will not comment on Neato vs. Roomba, having never owned either, but I will say that for this price you can get this EUFI Robo-vac from the Mothership with a 1-year mfg plus an extended warranty out to 3 years, and have enough left over for an extra filter and brush kit.

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I bought the EUFI a few weeks ago when it was the Amazon deal of the day and it has been surprisingly great.

I suspect that some original Roomba patents have expired, making way for the robot army of knockoffs.

We’ve had three XVs, and two are still going. But that’s thanks to lots of tinkering. I’ve rebuilt each of them multiple times. The most common issue for me has been the “brush is stuck” error. You can clear out the brush cavity and this will sometimes get the XV going again. But eventually, dog hair gets deep into the motor cavity, and the only way to clean it is to rip the whole thing apart and clean it with a damp cloth and compressed air. It takes about 1/2 an hour, once you’re comfortable with the process.

Another error which has come up frequently is the “please put my dust bin back in” error, even if the bin is already in. Sometimes pushing hard down on the front of the bin will do the trick. Sometimes some well-applied duct tape will help. But it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to tear down the XV and clean the electric switch. I’ve done this on two out of the three Neatos I’ve owned.

Once you’ve torn down the Neato a few times, you’ll have a basic understanding of how they work, and what many of the components do. This knowledge, along with an active marketplace on ebay and elsewhere for replacement components, can be the keys to an XV’s long life.

But, even when these things are working, they require a lot of minor cleaning of the brush cavity and the dust bin cavity. In the long run, they require a lot more effort than a normal vacuum cleaner, and probably aren’t worth the money or headache for most buyers. Personally, I rather enjoy that elusive sense of manliness, which I get after repairing an XV, so I’ll keep mine going as long as possible. Plus, they entertain the whole family.

Our remaining XVs are named Ned II and Nadine. It’s harder to part with named robots.

Lucky for you! When I call customer service and actually get someone, they want to charge me $60 for them to send me a replacement. Hate this company so much.

I agree 100% with you. I had the same issue. I reached out to Neato and they told me they could not help me. I could ship it back to them, at my own cost, and then pay to have the refurbished unit fixed. I looked up forums, and it is a known issue that the capacitors on these old units fail. It was great when it worked…for the 2 weeks I had it…