NeatReceipts Mobile Document Scanner



Reading other reviews.
Be aware that the Neat software requires yearly subscription after the 1st year. This is a big NO NO.

The hardware is mediocre only but the software is what you are paying for in the long term. The Neat software can be purchased separately (with yearly subscription) and use with other hardware such as the Fujitsu Snapscan series (Very highly rated scanners).

Good luck.


The charge for the software is news to me. I have downloaded updates to the software, but never was asked to pay. Maybe that is the new policy.

However, they do offer a cloud service for your receipt data that they charge for. Perhaps that is what they give out for a free one year trial?

Reviewing the product, I agree that the scanner is pretty average, as is the software. You frequently find yourself correcting the amounts and dates that it tries to capture. As a result, you end up having to type in much of this information anyway.

Additionally, I found the software getting sluggish after a while. I assume it is from the growth of the database as I add my weekly receipts.