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Neat Receipts for PC Review

If the serial number begins with 574P, you will be able to use the scanner on both Mac and PC. If the Serial Number starts with CN, the scanner is PC only.

This one is PC only.

Finally, something I can comment on based on experience. Need a little bit of care putting small receipts in. Most receipts scan well except faint ones–software may have trouble reading the price, date, company, etc. Software not the fastest, don’t expect 10 second scans. Organization with software helps a lot, just think of categories in advance. I haven’t tried the newest software–supposedly a lot better, and I haven’t tried scanning to PDF (option if you’re worried about proprietary software). I wouldn’t try photos, based on previous comments (others can find previous woot). Scanner is light but feels decently made. I have to go back to work, but I like what I have so far–one of my better woot purchases, just need time to scan rest. Have not tried business cards, but see no reason why it wouldn’t go ok. Bye.

uhhh woot, tax season was a few months back, i guess this is a good start for 2013 at least!

A year ago I would have jumped on this deal, but I found there are very cool apps that allow “scanning” and even OCR with a smart phone. You take a picture; it converts it to PDF and email or upload to dropbox. I’ve been using this for receipts and other documents.

i shouldn’t be, but I’m here. Good comments. The software though does organize the receipts by reading them, e.g. the store, amount, etc. a majority of the time if the receipt is well printed. This is what makes the software better in my mind–it can help categorize the reciepts for you, and you can tag for taxes, etc. You may not need that, but good option. I also am one of 4 people on woot without a smart phone.

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Previous woots for version 4 software with scanner included

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I suppose I could use my smartphone, but I use this scanner quite frequently for biz cards. It makes the very tedious chore pretty fast. Handles graphics pretty well. OCR reliability is good enough. My only complaint - you can’t use it as a stand alone scanner, or maybe I just haven’t figured out how to do it. Either way, I’m going to whine for a minute.

This selling for $175.23 new and $119 refurbished on amazon (including shipping), so this seems like a good price.

How do the scanner/the software handle receipts that might cover more than one category? For example, would it be easy to inform it that half of this receipt from Target was for food and half was for household goods? I feel like I “should” track spending more precisely by entering items into a spreadsheet, but honestly, I’ve got six months of receipts sitting in a shoebox - and that’s only because I cleaned out the 2011 receipts at the end of the year!

Hi John,
What is the name of the app?

You may not get a satisfactory answer to your question, and if you do get a reply, it will be apples to oranges as far as functionality. One such scanning app that was mentioned in a earlier discussion was Lemon. Good luck with that - I never got it to work. I find the name to be apropos. And even if it did work, I don’t think I would want to depend on it. And if the other John has some “cool” apps to try, give it a shot. But so far, I have found ZERO apps that I would put on my list of apps that I would recommend to do important tasks that need to be done over time and be reliable.

Bottom line is that there is a tendency to think that smart phones, tablets, mobile devices, etc. will do everything. The truth is that it will be hit and miss, and mostly miss. And most of the time, people are not comparing oranges to oranges - not even close.

I have a Neat portable scanner, and although I will not go to the mat to defend Neat, so far I haven’t found anything that does what it does for the price. I have tried other mobile apps (with no or very low expectations) and have not been surprised - they don’t work or do what I need (not even close).

My recommendation is if you want a way to conveniently scan in receipts and documents into a program that does a good job of reading and categorizing the information, you won’t be unhappy with the Neat mobile scanner, especially for the price. All this talk about alternative cheaper or free approaches to do the same thing just won’t be the same thing or even close.

I think that Neat misses the boat on many features especially with their more expensive desktop scanner. But for the price, it will be hard to beat this deal if it meets your needs. The Neat 5.0 software is an improvement over the earlier version making it a better deal than before when it was offered at the same price.

There’s a free Android app called Document Scanner.

I travel a lot for work. I have been using my Neat Receipts scanner for about 5 years, and I can honestly say to has saved me tons of time and money by not losing receipts, and getting my expenses done faster (usually on the plane on the way home).

It is like my AmEx when I travel. Don’t leave home without it!

I was all set to grab this scanner but I went to and read the reviews. Nooooo - this is a dangerous “bargain” which could prove extremely costly if you ever need company support or access to your old records. There are actually more negative reviews than positive for recent versions! If I wanted to lose access to old records, I can do that for free. Nothing that comes near your tax liability should be this risky. There has to be a better way than using software from a company that can’t migrate the old data from previous years’ users to the latest - sometimes less capable - version. I especially hated reading that the newest versions have poor or no Report functions. Having poorly designed or missing Report functions destroys one of the best things about a device meant to help you organize your records.

I got one last time they had it at this price for my work computer to help with long receipts for credit card reconciling. I cannot express how much time and hassle this device has saved me. I’ve also used in for scanning documents and creating .pdf files, especially when I need to return signed documents to someone quickly. Now that it is available at this price again, I’m tempted to buy one for my home computer!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this. Too good of a price not to pick up a second one for home use.

I am guessing no but can the neatreceipts software be used with a different scanner?

In case the scanner fails and I still want to use the software.

I love this scanner! I have been using mine for 2+ years.

I have read some comments how you can do some similar things with a smart phone. That isn’t even the same. You can also take a picture with your digital camera, and then just have a bunch of jpegs to look through also, but that isn’t fun.

The software is amazing! You can store things in folders (like I have house, medical, etc). I keep my receipts in years (2001, 2002,2003…2012, etc). If you want to search on keyword, then you can. Search for ‘Blu Ray’ and you will see the receipt for when you bought that Blu Ray player. Search for colonoscopy, and you will see the medical form that you scanned so you can see when you had that procedure. The possibilities are limitless. The database is very important to me, since I scan EVERYTHING into it. I bask it up frequently.

>>> Scan Area: 1" x 1" x 14" (up to 30" long)

So, per my understanding of dimensions, this is a 3D scanner?

For those 3D receipts, you know.