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Oprah loves it!


PCMAG gave it 3 1/2 stars… but customers only give it 1 1/2… I’m not impressed. They got a bad rap for not working all that well and breaking easily.

The “refurbished” part (and the fact that they’re selling MANY of them with this title) definitely speaks volumes and gives merit to that 1 1/2 stars. I think I’ll pass.

Also edited to include amazon reviews… mixed review but most positive are from those barely getting, using & reviewing within the first weeks or so.


Review: Neat Receipts for PC


A link with that might just get you a quality post.


I got this refurbished too a long time ago on Woot. It’s still working perfectly though I just use it as a regular scanner now.

Neat Receipts sells their refurbished ones for $99.95, so this one is better.

NeatReceipts PC Refurbished



Here is a Video Review.

I have seen these guys in the past. Just explore their website.

Look at their Help Center
This is a company that genuinely wants to help you and make sure you understand how to utilize this product and use it to your full potential.


Since it looks like the March woot also for $69.99 got its comments wiped out for when it sold on sellout (along with my comment), I’ll give you August 23, 2010 woot for $79.99 (it was $84.99 when I bought it on an earlier woot):
and be real quick on comment:
Works well, small receipts might need guiding by right edge.
If the propietary format bothers you, save to pdf is an option.
tip from last woot: scan in color might pick up faint receipts beter.
It feels fairly sturdy. No problems so far.
The new software (I haven’t tried it yet) convinced more people to buy it.
It’s pretty light.
I like the propietary software, because it helps sort the reciepts into categories pretty well.
Someone will discuss a more expensive scanner (I don’t remember, I think Japanese) that may be comparable (better quality but not better in everything). Maybe they’ll post again.
Happy with this regardless.
Sorry, gotta go.


Yeesh ThunderThighs! I Do too like reading! You’re going to make everyone think I’m a total plebeian.

Take some time to read The FAQ

Or take a minute to read The Neat Works Support (PC) or Mac Manuals

As always, uploaded to google docs for easy viewing.
Couldn’t find anything on the scanner itself. Must be pretty plug and play.


Sorry, I did find my comment in a more recent sellout sale: $69.99

Sorry, really late now. bye.


Got this scanner, new, with software from Woot! 2 years ago. Works great and I have dragged it around the globe as my standard packout. Just completed a new home purchase from another Country thanks to the scanner. I can’t speak for “refurb” as that means nothing, but my new one has been a workhorse!



How many .woots will there be in a year? 20?


Does this work without a computer, or does it have to be connected? Otherwise, I don’t see how this would be more convenient than my standard “stuff all receipts in an envelope” procedure.


Can the software work with any scanner? Or just with their brand?


That question would be better on

(Just kidding)


I paid full price for one of these and couldn’t get it to work. No way to get support and no response from the company. Good Luck…


Is this only for PC? Would love to purchase a mac version!


This is not a tech item. This is home.woot at best. Maybe we need a trash.woot too. :slight_smile:


This is PC only. You can purchase a Mac software license from the company separately. I’m trying to find out what that price would be.

And now I have: The mac software license price is $29.95