NeatReceipts Portable Scanner & Digital Filing

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NeatReceipts Portable Scanner & Digital Filing
Price: $59.99
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I presume that this device is not meant for scanning photos(?).

it’s worth mentioning support for the included neatwork software for managing scans, doing OCR, etc is NO LONGER SUPPORTED. They effectively killed it a year or so ago and replaced it with some cloud/subscription-based thing. rather disappointing too as the software built-in OCR was great for its price point when scanning/organizing receipts.

I have the desktop scanner, not the portable. Decent as a duplex doc scanner. It can do pictures but quality is not good. But the push to go all-cloud has really soured me on this company. Think twice about where you data will actually live if you use this more than just simply scanning paper.

Do I have to buy a new subscription every year to use the accompanying software?

Went to Neat to see if you need to pay yearly and it says that is only for the premium service. You can still use the scanner without.

This is $20 cheaper than Neat charges for their refurb. I used to do this a lot when Paper Port existed. Really kept down on clutter but I’m not sure of this cloud storage thing. What if they get hacked? I used to scan in all my CC receipts. Don’t want that info in the clouds more than it has to be. didn’t read if there is an option to save locally. If there was i would buy this in a heartbeat.

While it might do them fine, you don’t usually want to put treasured photos into a roller scanner. It could damage them.

(Genealogy hobbyist)

I bought an earlier NeatReceipts (v. 4.0) from Woot! in 2010 ($70). The scanner itself was OK, but the proprietary software was cumbersome and eventually stopped working. Support was total crap; they couldn’t understand my problems no matter how simply I explained them. Plus, they took about a week to reply, when they bothered to reply.

I should have bailed sooner, but when I did (2014), I got a Doxie that’s been humming ever since. It doesn’t have the summary reports that NeatReceipts had, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to use their system to see the scans. With Doxie, you get PDFs that you can put or use the way you want.

On Amazon, search for Doxie Go Scanner. It’s more expensive than this, but I’m much happier not being tied to that system.

Are there better systems to begin to manage 1000 accumulated business cards - with OCR and good storage and search capabilities?

Does the Doxie have OCR and the ability to search for words on the pages you scanned?

Yes,the save options are
pdf w/ OCR (B&W),
pdf w/ OCR (color),