Neatus Adidas Gear

amazon has it for 20 with prime shipping

Not everyone has prime, but thanks for the heads up!

you’re right, and it’s overrated anyways. prices are ridiculously inflated to make up for the cost. someone else actually has this with free shipping, prime not needed, for 19.84.

I don’t think I could run fast enough to inflate a parachute, and it’d probably get caught on something σ_σ

Honestly the parachute and the weight vest are the best deals for this group. The rest of the stuff you can build or get cheap from an off-brand retailer (I can’t believe what companies get for speed ladders lol).

However from experience I can tell you having a well built parachute and weight vest (with a warranty) is worth the investment if you are actually going to use them.

Previous Woot Plus:

My opinion then and now:

I’m also curious about weight of the weight vest

The website has a picture of looks to be this one stating:

  • Removable 1lb / 0.45kg weights
  • Adjustable velcro waist belt
  • One size fits all

So the weight vest has 10 removable 1lb weights. That’s pretty weak. If you’re at a fitness level where you are in the market for a weight vest, you’re not looking to spend $70 for 10 lb. vest. 10 lbs might be a good starting off weight if you’ve never used one, but to max out at 10? 70 wasted in my honest opinion.

Who does the track in the movie?

Well in case it isn’t blatantly obvious, the weight vest is intended for a woman and not a man. 10 lbs for an athletic sized woman doing speed training is a decent amount of weight.

The only interesting product is not included in the video. Professional athletes used to demonstrate cones, but no video of the only unique product.