I have seen a ton of hilarious pictures on here. I am having one of those days and need a laugh. Can you post some of those great pictures…Thanks guys!

You mean, like this one?

by our resident Windows Paint artist, “no1”, as his entry in this week’s Dodgeball Contest.

Only the best in fine art appears in that esteemed (esteamed) gallery.

Ha thanks GWP

i love this one!

and this one…

a squirrel tried to mug me today in the parking deck… though i was, uh, startled, he lost his nerve and ran away…

if it was holding a light thing you were ok to be scared. nothing in it’s paws…no excuse to fear the furry little things.

the ones near me have lots of nerves.

ok, so maybe we both just decided to walk between two parked cars at the same time without realizing it until we had a sudden confrontation…

you have to wonder why it was in a parking deck. was it going to steal a car?

(I am so going to regret saying this)
Was he after your nuts?


possibly, maybe! it certainly wasn’t expecting anybody!

Who jumped higher?

The squirrel from the looks of it. His lawyer will be in touch with your lawyer.

I don’t think I could get splinter to wear the slippers.

you know, if the situation was reversed, i’d have gotten a //smack by now… can i //smack dname?

Sure, but wait until I get my popcorn!

we didn’t jump up, we jumped back, and he was faster…

got it yet?


//runs away to sleep