Need customer support assistance

Last month I made a purchase and realized that I typically use amazon account as the login method.

I need to change the email address for the account as I no longer have access to the old email. When trying to update the email address, the site requires credentials for the email address used for the account. I do not have the password as I use Amazon to login. Whatever the password is that was used to create the account back in 2013… is long forgotten.

I sent a help request to support last month which detailed the above… but never heard back. I assume that if they did reply… that it went to the email address which I don’t have access to.

I’ve just now sent another request of the same… but can someone from woot cs help me?

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(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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Thanks for the response Pepper. I received a reply email this time and will hopefully be able to sync up with cust support on the phone to resolve the email issue.

thanks again

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