Need for Speed

Wait a tick… Is he flying IN SPACE?

Wow, Raphael. You’re cool, but rude.

I think I’ve seen a really similar shirt before….

Do the goggles do anything?

That’s some magic jet pack. The turtle’s body is facing one way, but somehow the jet pack is propelling him in another!

i believe i can fly
i got shot by the fbi

Yeah, Michelangelo is the party dude. Sorry bro.

Ha Ha This Shirt Rocks, I was hoping this would be printed. In for two.

look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s SUPERTURTLE!!!

How do you steer the rockets? I hope there’s not a wall in front of that poor turtle.

Is this the same turtle with the gun that shot the rabbit? Hahah :slight_smile:

I was wondering where I will be able to find jewelwings shirt when it does print?

Disappointed. But not surprised.

Great job on getting printed ZombieGorilla

awww, was hoping for some robbie lee frog action. not really surprised, though.

Ramyb is the man! How many shirts have you had appear on woot?

Me, too :frowning:

he’s flying down the space highway! with a convenient turtle crossing sign that he has clearly disregarded…

I suppose that the turtle chose only goggles, as he doesn’t mind the bugs in his teeth (or tomia, if you want specifics).