Need Help Creating A Transparent Background - Photoshop Elements


I need some direction from you pros out there…I’m currently trying out Photoshop Elements 6, and I have a jpeg image that has a square white background. I want to make that background transparent so that just the image is floating. I know I can do it if the image is a gif or png, but this isn’t for the internet…I want to make a damn t-shirt! (sorry)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Mr. rmsm,

I don’t have PS elements, nor am I a highly skilled “pro”, but perhaps you may gain some insight if I describe how I could do it in GIMP, a free program that does some of the functions of PS.

  1. Import or open the pic in GIMP
  2. Select the white background with the magic wand.
  3. If the pic was imported into an open GIMP file as a new layer, I can just “cut” the selected area, leaving the selected area transparent. If the pic was directly opened in GIMP, it defaults to being the background layer, and I can’t just cut the selected area, but I can start a layer mask for the pic and fill it with black, making the selected area transparent.
  4. Save the pic in the GIMP native format, or as a .gif, or as a .png. I think Jpegs don’t support transparency. You would save in the .ps format.

I hope this helps you.


Thanks no1 - - - I do have GIMP also, and I will give it a try.


Hmm. using Corel Photopaint, or Corel Draw, when I try to export to a PNG file, it asks me if I want to declare a color transparent. When I do, then, when the resulting file is opened, it has a transparent color. You might try to export it as a png in photoshop elements, and see if it gives you the option to choose a transparent color.