Need help with a picture


Hi Everyone!
I was browsing through some threads and I saw someone post a pic of a cute little dog in a monkey costume. I laughed so hard that I started choking. water-need water.
I went on looking at other posts and forgot to set it as my wallpaper. If anyone has the photo I would really love (and am also asking permission to use it as my wallpaper) to get a copy of it.

Thanks in advance!


Do you remember what thread you saw it in, the name of the poster, etc?


I don’t remember the picture you describe. Sorry. If you like weird dog pics though, you might go to Stuff on My Mutt. It’s one of my daily sites.


that’s the problem, I can’t remember where it was. The picture was of someone’s chihuahua (sp?) sitting or standing on a chair wearing a little light brown monkey outfit. you can’t see the actual body of the dog because the monkey outfit blocks it. It’s a whole body of a monkey but instead of a monkey face, the dog’s face is in its place. I hope that makes sense. If anyone can find it again it would make my day!


thanks for the site! I checked all the pics on there but none were it. I hate having missions that I didn’t intend on starting. :wink:


I did a search, but all I found was this


is this it?

I just did a google images search for dog monkey suit and looked at the images for a couple of pages (I don’t remember how many, but not that many). I didn’t look at woot at all, just online.


THAT’S IT!!! Oh thank you thank you!! This little guy just makes my day!!


Now that you got it, come back and play!


"I did a search, but all I found was this "

ack!!! that was horrific, I think I saw that pooch at breakfast this morning :wink:


Oh dear. You got a dose of Fen very early in your Woot experience.
It’s OK, just ignore him. He posts things just to get a reaction and stir the pot.
Click on his links at your own risk.
That being said, today he linked us to some very beautiful pictures he took.
So ya never know.