Need Help with Making a Return

How can I make a return. I am within the 30 day return window. I tried to follow the directions in this thread: Returns but after I click on the I need help button next to my order I do not have the option to select Select “I wanna cancel or return some stuff”. The only options I have to select are:

  • I want to ask about my order!
  • I want to look at my account!
  • I’ve a product question, you see.
  • I have feedback about your site!
  • I’ve got some trouble with your website, or a question about your API.

Also when I select any one of the options and click continue nothing happens? My order was for the meross Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor plug ordered on March 16. Thanks.

Hi there! Use" I want to ask about my order". They’ll help you.

I tried selecting that, but when I click on continue nothing happens.

Could you try clearing cookies for Woot & Amazon?
Do you have any add-ons that could be blocking the next screen?
Maybe try another browser?

I tried it and it worked for me on Chrome, App, and mobile web.

If all else fails, email from the email address on your Woot account.

I cleared cookies and made sure the popup blocker is off. I tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Nothing worked. I will try to email support.

Thanks for trying to help.

I just tried the app and it is letting me go through the return process.

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YAY!!! Glad to hear!

BTW, just confirmed there is an issue with our support form on desktop. I wasn’t seeing because I was within our internal network. I’ve let CS know.