I am looking for something…
I put together end-of-the-month reports and typically have excel, word, pdf, and video and mp3 occasionally but I don’t care as much about those. I’m looking for a program that will let me make a folder of all difference doc types that one might “flip through” and that I could print out if I so desired…making it one entity. Preferably with minimal effort, don’t so much care about the cost. And…I’m a PC user so please don’t say “well Mac is coming out with…” because then I’ll cry.


Welcome! Hmm, Maybe Fen or Pegleg could help you, but they are on intermittenly, let me round up a link so you can pm them. Or does anyone know if powerpoint might work?

edit:here are their pm links, PegLegWookie


Lord v8r,
I think you can embed other Office documents that way, and even put in avi files (not sure about mp3), but I’m not sure how easy it would be to print a multi-worksheet Excel file that is embedded in that way.

Mr./Ms. Idol, do the excel/word/etc. files have to be editable after they are assembled into a report? Is there more than one worksheet in any single Excel file? Can you just embed them in a powerpoint like Lord v8r said? Or, can you just print out the individual worksheets and word docs to pdf format and collect them in a giant pdf book?


mp3 on powerpoint

Very good question no1, did not think of that, having to change it from excel spreadsheet. So does idol need it to look pretty or functional?


PDF’s are actually more versatile than we generally see… I believe you can combine all of these into a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. They even have a link on the Acrobat product page asking, “What do you want to do?” with a solution for “Combine and share documents”. They can even contain audio and video, but you need Acrobat Professional. I know you said cost isn’t a big consideration, but the MSRP is $449… check your upgrade eligibility, you may already have a qualifying product, or you might already have a version of Acrobat (note: not Acrobat Reader) that does all this. As for usability, I’ve used it a little, and moving/deleting pages wasn’t terribly hard. I suspect importing the various files wouldn’t be too difficult. It really depends on how comfortable you are with a computer. Alternatively, you might try some of Foxit’s products to save some money, but I don’t think any one product really fits your needs, and I can’t see that they support adding video/audio. By the time you combine some of their products, you might decide it’s simpler to just use the single-product Acrobat Pro.


Isn’t there an open source acrobat like thing?


All I’ve seen is very not user-friendly and a bit convoluted. I’m also not sure where they sit with embedding video and audio.


Google PDF995. Don’t know about the assemble document feature for it though.


they’re not saying anything about video/audio embedding either


It’s Ms., and no, I don’t think I would need to edit them after assembling a report, and I don’t use multiple worksheets. I could do a pdf book–mp3/video isn’t really necessary.


If you’re using MS Office 2007, there’s a free add-on to let you create PDFs. It doesn’t give you much control, but you could possibly use that and the inexpensive PDF combining software from Foxit that I linked above. If your company’s paying for it, though, Acrobat should get you everything you mentioned in your original post.


I have used PDF995 and GhostScript in the past. IIRC, they don’t play nicely with embedded multimedia files.