Need technological geekoid help--mp3


I want something and can’t find it.

I figured that if it exists, someone HERE will certainly know about it and can point me in the right direction…LOL

What I want is an in-dash sound system/addition for my car, that will allow me to plug an mp3/wma player into it (like a USB port) so that I can play my tracklist through my car’s speakers. I’m not talking about one of those cassette-tape adapters…which is all I seem to be able to find.

Does such a thing exist?

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

And while I’m at it…what’s the easiest program for converting wma files into mp3’s so that my car’s CD player can play them in the meantime?

ETA: This is the closest thing I’ve found so far.


Does anyone know if there was anything in any of the (Rockford Fosgate) Omnifi bundles that would meet the needs described here? I honestly have no idea what any of that stuff was used for, since I’ve never owned a car.

(I’m pretty sure these were the discussion forums for many of those products:

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I like dBpowerAMP Music Converter, but a new licensing requirement from the format’s creators requires a licensing fee for all MP3 encoders, which means that you have to buy dBpowerAMP’s Power Pack to keep creating MP3 files (they started giving a 30 day trial automatically once the licensing change was forced on them). Some music players might include that functionality; I think iTunes used to do it at least, I don’t know if the new change made them stop.


Belkin delights in making accessories - if you don’t mind broadcasting, just buy one of their inexpensive plug to FM converters.

You set up the FM station, tune the converter and hit play…


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Thanks jqubed, but I was hoping for something free, or maybe one of the programs I already have.

I’ve never used iTunes, but I’ll check there.


Okay, dreamaster…I have no idea what you just said…LOL


Plug your MP3 player into the gadget, the gadget broadcasts your music on an FM frequency, your car’s FM radio picks up the transmission, and plays it on your speakers like an ordinary FM radio station broadcast.


Hmmmm…okay, something like that might work, I suppose. I was just envisioning that it would have to be plugged directly into the system somehow. Does broadcasting it that way affect music quality at all?


Okay…found a few at

The description mentions “Four programmable memory slots let you easily find the clearest frequency, and toggle among them for best performance”…so I guess that answers my question that clarity might not be perfect, and might waver during travel.

Still, that sounds like a doable solution…more affordable than what I had in mind would likely have been, too. Thanks!


For converting WMAs to MP3s…I assume you’re talking about WMAs that you bought legally from some music site, like wal-mart. You should be able to burn a CD of the WMAs using Windows Media Player, then put the cd back in the computer and rip it to MP3 using musicmatch or whatever.


Ahhhhh…duh. (LOL) Of course that would work! I just never thought of doing it that way.

I was trying to figure out how to do it all internally, and go straight from wma to mp3 before I burned the CD.

Yeah…I didn’t know when I paid for some downloads from MSN music and WalMart that they would be in that format, and that they wouldn’t play in my car. I listen to them on my computer, but want to take them with me.



I think there’s a limit to the number of burns you’re allowed to make, so re-ripping to MP3 can be helpful if you’re worried that you may “use up” your WMA files. And I have an mp3 player that doesn’t play WMA, so that’s how I started looking for a quick “converter” myself.

edit: works for itunes too, btw.


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Another way to hook up an mp3 player to your stereo is what I did for my car. There are many AUX (auxillary input) adapters made by PIE. For my car, a Ford Taurus, it is pre-wired for a CD changer. This adapter plugs into the CD-changer port and allows me to plug my mp3 player into the stereo directly (sound quality is very good). I have a headphone wire that runs to my stereo and my mp3 player just plugs right in. Pretty handy. If you tell me what kind of car you have (Make, Model, Year), I might be able to help you find something that will work, if this is the kind of thing you’re looking for.


By far the cheapest and easiest solution is the FM modulator thing that dreamaster referred to. Plugs into the headphone jack in your MP3/CD player. Broadcasts to unused FM station, sounds fine, costs less than $20. Available at any big box.

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