Need your precious feedback

Hello Everyone!
Would anyone care to give their precious opinion on my design?
I am especially looking for feedback on:
the concept, presentation, color scheme,
technical aspects, fonts etc.
Many thank’s in advance for your valuable time!
ThingofbeautyBorn%20to%20Drool%20feedback1 .

The tongue is my favorite part. I think it would be good without any text. Just a big drooly donut.

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Thank you so much!
I really appreciate it:))
The whole idea was to create a funny twist on the phrase
“Born to Rule”.
Besides, I thought text and graphic designs
sold better than just text.

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Text looks funny to me… Maybe the font or color… (pink should be same as frosting) Maybe it should be tilted back like the donut.

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Thank you so much!
Actually, both the points make sense to me.
In all my other design’s I have kept the same color as the design
for the font. I don’t know why, in this case, I chose not to.

104 views and only 2 replies!
Is my design, not worthy of any feedback?

This forum is not as hot as it once was…
If there is nothing constructive to say, then most do not say anything at all.

The drawing is rather weak; the line variation does not make sense, the thin lines around the drool droplets, as well as the nose dots become a point of tension in the design, thus the viewer will get stuck in those areas instead of visually moving through the design.
The tongue doesn’t make sense for it’s size and placement either, look a sleeping/drooling cartoon designs on google for better examples.
The line terminations at the eyes and sides of the mouth are flat for no reason. If your design was stylized like RANDY OTTER, then this might be acceptable as a design choice, but it is not. The PINK glaze on the donut does not make sense. A donut has the glaze on the top side, not half the donut. Since you used an oval, it wold allude to the donut being placed on it’s side, an angled view instead of straight on, if you will. If this is intentional then the glaze should curve with the donut’s natural torus shape.
The font does not work with the rest of the design. It is far too stylized in comparison to the rest of the drawing. If you chose something that looks hand-drawn, or thicker it might be better.
Born to Drool vs Born to Rule, does not have a major fan base in which for people to quickly get the joke and be a part of a group that understands the inference. I can speak to this, because I have drawn MANY design in which I am the only one that seems to get the joke. If the drawing was of a KING BABY and it was sleeping on the throne, that line would make sense. If a king was at a donut shop and was leering at donuts and drooling, that would make sense. If and king was paying for donuts with his crown and septor, that might make sense. Heck, if the donut had a CROWN, it might make a little sense.

This is why I do not offer a critique frequently. I only gave a few quick comments based on an initial reaction. Honestly, I am never sure when someone truly wants feedback, wants low-calorie affirmation or is just being a troll.

Hang in there. I submitted over 300 design before my first shirt won a derby. But that was back when winning designs had 600+ votes and there was no such thing as side sales.

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First of all, I am really, really, thankful to you, for taking time
out of your busy schedule and providing such a detailed feedback.
I appreciate your honesty and agree with all of the point’s.
I intend to keep, all the valuable inputs provided by you,
in mind, for my future projects.
To be honest, Even I, was not happy with the design.
I needed a honest feedback. Especially, about the flaws
in my design. A few questions about the Derby.
If you get only 1 vote (I always get a single vote and I am really thankful to that person who gives me that vote) ?
do they still print your design.
Also, can we vote for our design?
God Bless!
b.t.w: Could I rely on you for feedback on other design’s too?
but, not here, in your mailbox.

No worries. My first few were pretty rough. I taught myself Illustrator as I participated in the weekly derby… Of course that was back when they announced the theme on Thursday and submissions opened the next day. You had to work very fast back then.
In theory they COULD print your design if you just had one vote… The better bet is to participate in every derby and really study the art of successful shirts… I’d start out by studying the top 20. Clever often wins over skill here at shirt woot. But the caveat is that the cleverness must allude to a trope or meme that is close to the heart of woot voters and buyers. There are tons of shirts that are just some text with very little embellishment… They can do very well if the sentiment speaks to something that is popular; books, sci-fi, intellect, procrastination, sleep, current pop culture, science, cats, snark, etc.
Yes. You can vote for your own. And you should. Get friends and family to vote as well. All they need to vote is an amazon account.
Feel free to reach out to me anytime. I’m most active during work hours (shhhh). I will try to help were I can, most of this is just a game of inspiration and time.
God Bless!

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Thank you once again,
for answering my queries.
(Thought, I offended you when, I didn’t get
any reply).
I understand, Derby was really tough back then.
Also, thank you for the tips provided,
It was really enlightening.
It’s heartening to know that, I can rely on you
in case I need any help.
God Bless!

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