#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

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Wow, that IS dizzy. Cool plane. Not sure about another asphalt shirt.


Cute design. Nice shirt. Not for me, but nicely done nonetheless.


well that’s, uhm…incredibly boring. i give it a resounding Huh?


Is it wierd that this reminds me of Escher for some reason?


There was this plane that went round and round. They took a picture of it. And here it is! :slight_smile:

“I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning, just like a whirlpool it never ends” <insert proper musical notes there>


so that’s how you spell the sound a plane makes.


Darn… I didn’t read the title and now I can’t stop making the noise. Curse you woot.


I gotta agree. It really conjures up an image, too. An image of a little kid playing with a toy airplane. An image that looks a lot like the design. A very evocative title.

Great job!


I would take it if it had only six inches of neeyowm


what color exactly, is asphalt?


interesting dude, I like it .
Darn good title!


no – but it’s weird that you can’t spell weird.


It looks like it’s making spaghetti ;_; This shirt would be an epic win if they had made the smoke a little less… noodly


if only it had some more zazz like pencildelic had


Dark gray.


This remind anyone else of Pencildelic? Crowded with lots of parallel lines?