Neirano Tirteo Italian Barbera (6)

Neirano Tirteo Italian Barbera 6-Pack
Sold by: AW Direct, LLC
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2013 Neirano Tirteo Superiore Barbera D’Asti

We would usually say mi puo aiutare. “Potete” is second person plural.

The last vintage of this wine to show up on CellarTracker only yielded an 84.5 rating, not exactly something to jump up and down about. No reviews or ratings of this vintage.

Just looking at a CT rating, with no additional context, is nearly worthless.
Interesting that the lower rating user commented on Brett; clearly a concern for longer term storage at temps nearing or above 15/60 where Brett can flourish.
His comments, for an $11 bottle, I think actually speak well of this if you like Barbera and the style. Lower AbV, lowish TA; wish we had a pH in the specs.

Both comments mention fruit and herbs as one would expect, and the time in bottle seems to have softened some edges.

More interesting to me were some he’s cellared; familiar names for those on WB forums Cabot, Halcon, Sandler, Liquid Farm, Carlisle, Ridge, Raymond, Sojourn and Tercero that we’ve seen here. This guy drinks good juice.

For this offer, which seems would have been a good candidate for the rats, it appears exactly as presented. A good drink-sooner food-friendly table wine. Nothing that will knock your socks off, but rather something you’d likely see on a dinner table in Italy.

You are correct on all counts :slight_smile:

Is this just a “some winery” thing or is all Woot Wine now a no-go in AZ? Tried twice this week and the denial is a killer!

Assuming the state allows direct sales at all, from there it’s ~all~ producer driven. Not woot or mothership limited.
The producer must be licensed to sell into a state for woot to allow sales in that state.