Neo, take the blue pill! Product discussion.


I thought at one time I had seen this thread, but now I can not find it.
This thread is for discussion of advertised bargains by woot and other websites.
I did not place this in WOW because it is slightly outside the woot realm, and I wanted people to feel free to post products that are not linked to woot.


I think this is very interesting, and it seems to be a relatively good price. My only question is what could I possibly use it with?

Would you call this bait and switch?


I don’t think this thread, conceptually, will be allowed to thrive . . .


I hereby, from henceforth, paranthetically speaking, of course, do solemnly swear, in sickness and in health, that his thread is hithertofore and elsewise


<ahem> You have to put a raised notary seal on yer post.


<ahem> Oh.

//applying raised, notarized seal of unauthenticity upon clear and evident mutiny from intended direction of heresaid thread.

Carry on… talk about Neo taking the blue pill, art, Mary Poppins, circulatory problems, and so forth.


I think I once saw an artist’s rendition of Mary Poppins with circulatory problems . . .


LOL… yeah, right!.. and there were blue pill-like looking clouds in the background.


Why does Neo need the blue pill? :wink:


OK, these guys are starting to infringe on my copyright!
For the record, no blue pills are required for this Neo. Maybe for Keanu…


You know what they say about vehement denials, right?


no - tell us


Sigh . . . Alice!!!


sorry she went through the looking glass. BRB she says, pffft, damn near fifty some odd years now. stupid muffin