Neon Cityscapes

That’s a really odd angle for Nashville. Almost didn’t recognize Wayne tower…

I caved! Bought a london!

I will be here representing ArtWall, and can answer questions.

Cranes in the Austin print. Typical.

That NYC shot is a load of bull. I happen to be familiar with the area. It is NOT predominantly black and white, but in fact is fully colorized. See for yourself:

Shenanigans, ArtWall. SHENANIGANS!

(I have no problem believing the rest of the cities are, in fact, black and white. After all, they aren’t New York!)

Any chance there’s a map version for Nashville?

Unfortunately, there is a not a Nashville map, at this time. We love Nashville, so maybe next round?!

Is the glossy finish a “high gloss” or is it more of an egg shell or satin? I am concerned about glare.

The canvas is satin.

Wish I could ship the Shanghai one to Shanghai. Pretty neat.

Missed this sale by a few hours, but love the design. Can’t seem to track these down someplace that isn’tn Woot. Can anyone direct me the main seller?

I’m in the same boat…